Kroger Shopping Trip – September 28



Notice the diaper size…1!  Stocking up for baby!

(Some of you have asked why I don’t use cloth diapers.  I’ve thought about it and wavered back and forth.  With this little monkey coming right before the holidays and right before the cookbook comes out, I don’t feel like this is the best time for cloth diapering. We will be on the road a LOT and I don’t see “how” I could do cloth with the amount of travelling we will be undertaking in the next several months.)


Free – 4 cans Campbells Tomato Soup…on sale for $.50 each and used 2 $1/2 coupons, making them free!

Produce – Cnataloupes for $1.48 each, 5 lb. bag of gala apples for $2.48…we’ll be snacking on those this week!  I love apple season!

Meats – Beef Roast for $1.99/lb. and 4 packages of chicken breast for $1.89/lb.!

Other Finds – LARGE Suave body wash (that I will use for this purpose!) for $.89 after sale and coupon, tuna packets for $.50 each after sale and coupon, frozen boxed spinach for $.75 each, Bag of pretzels for $.90 after sale and Kroger store coupon, $1 OJ, $1 TP, $1.29 AJ

Total spent at Kroger: $52.80

As I was putting groceries away this week, I discovered that both freezers are stuffed to the gills and the fridge is still full from last week!  I’m hoping that next week will be a quick run into the store for some produce, milk and eggs!  Keeping things way under budget for October!!!

My grocery store’s ad scan


  1. says

    I’ve cloth diapered two kids, now and I used disposables until they were both around 7 months (I still use them at night and whenever we go out). It was just too much with the sleep deprivation and adjusting to a new family member to have to worry about washing diapers!

  2. Michelle says

    Don’t sweat the cloth diaper thing – a person can only do so much. You make dinner for under $5 a day for goodness sake!

  3. Ginger Phillips says

    You could even save MORE $ if you started to buy frozen juice. It’s just as good, you add the water instead of them!

  4. says

    At this point, if this is your last baby, the savings would not be that great for doing cloth. We started when our second was 8 months and used them with her and 2 other kids. Most of the time. We went back and forth some with disposables, depending on our season of life. You have to make the best decision for your family. I like that someone else mentioned starting them when baby was a bit older. They grow out of the tiny ones so quickly. good luck!

  5. says

    The juice comment above is great! Our loca Meijers actually carriers cans of juice concentrate that is 100% juice and less than $1. I go there and stock up every once in awhile. They also have some killer deals on frozen concentrate sometimes, 100% juice again. I get those when they are down to $1!

    As for the cloth, any little bit counts. If you started at even at 3 months, you could just get a couple of one size BumGenius cloth diapers, a 6 or 12 pack and they’ll come to about $15 each or $17ish for organics. Those will last you until they potty train (which they do MUCH earlir by the way). So 18mo-2 yrs use and you could still get at least $10 for them used! It’s really not any extra work at all. I work 50+ hours a week, cook everything homemade and cloth diaper. Just two extra loads a week is no biggie at all for the savings I see and I never bought diapers without coupons and a sale either!

  6. Michelle Turner says

    Cloth diapering really is quite easy! My son has been cloth diapered since we left the hospital. We went camping at least once a month from when my son was 11 months- 18 months and cloth diapered the whole time. And he was out of diapers completely (day and night) by the time he was 21 months old :)

  7. says

    I’m sure you aren’t sweating the cloth diaper decision since you made it a while ago!! But, just in case, you just gotta make the right decision for YOUR family, not for what everyone else thinks is *easy* or *better*. You’re doing an awesome job for your family and I am learning lots from your site! Thank you and keep up the great work!!!

  8. says

    I could not do cloth diapers either. I set out with the best intentions to do so, but there were other issues that came up. It just didn’t work out for us but like you, we try to cut back, conserve, and recycle in other ways. We have to pick and choose which tasks we tackle and cloth diapering was not one for me.

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