Reason #218 why you NEED my Holiday Entertaining Guide – It’ll show you how to work some MAGIC on your leftovers!

It’s November y’all…time to start thinking about “the big feast day”…

It is on sale NOW!

I’ve put together a simple Holiday Entertaining Guide to help you be the best hostess or guest during this holiday season. This guide is the antidote to every other holiday entertaining guide out there. And it’s packed with the same help and love you get from $5 Dinners every day.

You’re going to love chapters about…

  • How much should you budget for your holiday meal
  • What things must you include and what can you leave out
  • Tips to outsmart the grocery stores and get the most value for your coupons
  • The perfect plan to have everything cooked using only one oven
  • And how to turn your leftovers into more amazing meals the next day

But that still wasn’t enough. Because holiday entertaining is more than just food. We also included…

  • A fun list of great and proven conversation starters
  • How to make your home smell wonderful and feel homey when your guests arrive
  • Ways to make beautiful decorations and centerpieces that cost next to nothing
  • How to get the kids involved AND be excited about helping
  • And 5 proven ways to reduce the stress of the holidays, and actually thrive through the holidays

Plus there are 30 simple recipes, from side dish to main dish, dessert to appetizer, that will not disappoint your guests. And that won’t drain your budget either.


Get the pdf and Interactive flash bundle, or download it to your favorite e-reader.

Buy the Book!


Only $1.99 when you use this 50% off coupon code THANKS.

Now’s your time to get your hands on this book, and thrive this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!



  1. Lisa Yakas says


    I signed up to get a copy of the new Holiday Entertaining Guide. My PayPal echeck cleared a few days ago and I still haven’t received the download information. Can you please help?



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