The “Diced Tomatoes” Shopping Trip

I’m often asked how neat and organized my kitchen and pantry are.  I suppose that because I share photographs of neat food and a generally neat kitchen, one would think that my kitchen and pantry are a well organized machine and things are always in order.

Well, I’m an open book…and I’m here to show you that that is not the case.  I’m here to tell you about 2 things.

1. The amazing deal I scored at Kroger this week.

2. That my shelves are not as perfectly organized as you might think.

(Despite the fact that I am super Type A.)

You have to draw the line somewhere.


I told you.

Upside down.


Backwards AND upside down.

Slender cans shoved upside down and backwards into the corner of the shelf next to the toaster oven.

And falling over, backwards, upside down and pasta labels facing the wrong direction.

(Those fellow Type A mamas might be cringing by now.  But I’m OK with it, so you need to be OK with it too!)

So why we’re really here…


  • 21 cans Rotel- on sale $.42 each, used 21 $.30/1 that doubled to $.60 = $.18 each in overage (yes, my store still allows this…I wasn’t sure if they did going in, but was pleasantly surprised to find they did!)
  • 27 cans Hunts tomatoes, variety – on sale $.49 each, used 9 $.45/3 that doubled to $.90/3 = $.19 each
  • 1 Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce – $1.49 sale, used $.50/1 that doubled to $1 = $.49
  • 1 Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce -$1.49 sale, used $.50/1 that doubled to $1 = $.49

Total: $2.01

Plus $6.50 for the coupons that I ordered.  I’ll add this to my shopping total next week.

For the 48 cans of tomatoes, that’d be $7.50…or roughly $.16 each!

The overage from the Rotel essentially canceled out the price of 21 of the Hunts plus the $.01 difference.  We also don’t have sales tax on food in OH.

I should be good to go until the garden starts producing tomatoes…and beyond!  No more running out of canned tomatoes for me!

And now I’m off to make some Chili…


  1. Jessica says

    I’m curious what website you use to clip/buy your coupons? Also how long does it usually take for them to get them to you once ordered?

  2. Rhonda says

    I’m just half an hour from you and our paper didn’t have the Ro-tel coupon in it just the $1/3cans of Hunt’s tomatoes…wonder why???

  3. Megan C. says

    I’m a little confused on how you got the total $2.01. When I calculated it, I got $2.33. How did you get your price??

  4. Shonda says

    I am one who is cringing – actual shivers running up and down my spine!!! I know, I should really let some things go and trust me I have since having kids, but the shelves in our house are not one of them…..I let the kids help me put things away after a grocery trip or laundry day – then I go around behind them turning cans and boxes all to face forward correctly, straight rows/columns, etc. and refold all the towels and rags to fit perfectly…..I have let go of their dresser drawers – ok, most of the time – I do occassionally have a relapse and we pull everything out and get it refolded before mom goes absolutely insane!!!

    All cringing aside – I do love your website! I’ve been visiting often and try lots of recipes. Thanks for the tips and yummy food! Coupons is another one of my new fetishes!!! I’m not quite as good as you are, but I get really excited when I have a handful of coupons and the people in line behind me hear that I just cut $40 of my bill!!!

    • Teri says

      I totally thought that I was the only one who did that.!! I feel completely bonkers sometimes…the entire house can be a complete disaster zone – but if I walk past the pantry and cans are jumbled up, boxes are falling over – they have to be set straight. Everything gets taken out, put back in in alphabetical order, straightened, lables facing front and center…then and only then, can my day continue!

  5. Dorothy Jackson says

    If you have an Aldi’s store in your area the cans of diced tomatoes with green peppers are about +* $.49each.

  6. Ben says

    Please respond to the comments before we miss the sale. What store had the sale of Ro Tel & Hunts? Where are the coupons located? Several have asked, so please respond. Thank you

    • Brandi says

      Kroger has the canned tomatoes/sauce on sale for buy 10 save $5…that makes them $0.49 each…the Rotel is the same. They are on sale through 2/8

  7. Mary E.S. says

    We are getting a Aldis about 30 minutes away and I can’t wait for it to open.The cheapest tomatoes are on sale in our area is 1$ a can.I normally buy the huge cans at Sams club.

  8. Shelly says

    Krogers has Hunts tomoatos and Rotel on sale this week. The Rotel aren’t in the ad, I think they were last week but the sale carried over to this week. The sale price is $.99 and if you buy 10 you get $5.00 off at the check out making them $.49 each. I also stocked up this week but with only about 10 cans each.

  9. Betsy says

    We had the same sale at our Kroger. Our paper had $0.25 Ro*tel coupons, so free, but no overage. Still a really great deal. Good job on using your overage!

  10. says

    I’m pretty jealous. My Kroger chain store only allows you to use a max of three like coupons so ordering coupons isn’t very beneficial for me. Unless I want to make 7 trip to the grocery store. And I think any mom with kiddos would agree that free tomatoes aren’t even worth that. :)

  11. says

    I sure wish that Smith’s was doing the doubler’s here in Idaho. Oh well all in all I still walked out of the store with $107 worth of groceries paying $34 with the tax included. That was so worth the glares from the people in line when I got my total. hee

  12. Aileen says

    I’m so jealous! And I thought I didn’t pretty well yesterday on my shopping trip….

    Congrats to you though! I’m never organized enough to have time to order coupons from ebay.

  13. Carolyn Fitzgerald says

    Where do you get the coupons on eBay, that is if I read this correctly? Also where other than newpaper insert coupons and magazines do you find coupons. I have clipped coupons for as long as they have been offered( can’t remember when that started).

    For when the Rotel is NOT on sale nor an available coupon, I have found the house brands to be acceptable.

    2 quickie recipes for Rotel:
    1) 1 jar Rotel mixed with 1 jar Alfredo sauce(any brand will do for this), add several chopped up chicken breasts(2 or 3 depending on size) which have been sauteed. Stir and serve over pasta. This will serve two of us with leftover sauce and chicken for another meal if appetites aren’t larage. We prefer angel hair for this.I ususally keep these ingredients on hand. This is a great “go to” meal for a last minute dinner.

    2) sour cream mixed with Rotel or Pace Salsa and add taco seasoning to taste. Serve with veggies or torilla chips for an appetizer. This is just add to taste. I start with 8 oz of sour cream and start adding Rotel until it tastes like I like it. Then add taco seasoning to taste. This is great to throw together for an impromptu gathering.

  14. D'nae says

    im super jealous! im a 26 yr old female, but i have a boyfriend that can eat me out of house and home and he has a 4yr old daughter who is going through a picky phase right now too. i dont have the time or energy or commitment to be a “super couponer” like some of you guys, but even just mildly clipping from the sunday newspaper and then using,, and there is a third i cant think of right now, i am constantly chopping off 40-60 bucks off my grocery bill everytime i hit the store. and i never have a problem with any of those coupon site’s coupons not scanning. and the clerk and everyone behind just looks on in amazement as the total keeps going down and down. i love your site and your helpful food saving tips!!!


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