Coupon Organizer from My Coupon Closet

Struggling with couponing and keeping it all organized?! Know you can spend less money at the store, but can’t seem to get it all together to do so?!  Binders or accordian folders not work for you?!

“My Coupon Closet is the newest and easiest way to organize your coupons. No need for expensive and bulky binders with this coupon box. Everything you need comes in your coupon box, ready for you to create YOUR Coupon Closet.” – from My Coupon Closet

You might be wondering why I’d share something that is supposed to help you save money would cost money. It’s simple…it will cost you less in time and money to hunt down and buy all these things yourself.  Then once you have everything in place…challenge yourself to “earn back” what you spent on the organizer in your first week using coupons from your new system and organizer. I know that’s possible!

And if you don’t earn back in the first week, you will by the end of the second week!

The Coupon Organizer from My Coupon Closet includes:

  • 60 white custom coupon files to organize your manufacturer coupons. (These are manufactured just for coupon use.)
  • 5 green custom coupon files for your store coupons
  • 1 pair of scissors and 1 pen
  • A separator to store all your supplies
  • A Plastic box with snap on lid to store your new files
  • A Free Bag to carry your new organizer.

If you’re interested, bop on over and check it all out!


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