Batch Cooking Plan – Muffins, Bacon, Soup and More

This is a busy week in the kitchen for me!  So while I’m in there, I’ll be doubling up on a few recipes.  This helps me stay one step ahead of myself.

We are also planning an afternoon of cookie decorating.  I decided that because I’m doing this $35/week challenge this month, that I’d use a little of the extra grocery budget money for some fun!  We’ll be decorating cookies with some friends and their kiddos…it’s sure to be a big mess, but it will be tons of fun!!!

Here’s the batch cooking plan…

That’s “the plan”…we’ll see how well I can execute the plan!

If anything, I’ll have a bunch of cookies to show for this week!


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    I love batch cooking – it really helps me to stay ahead of the busy work week, and still get some homemade food on the table. I’ve been very into making different soups and stews lately (very economical & filling!), so I can’t wait for your Chicken & Wild Rice Soup. I think it would be something that my 16 month old would love!

    Good luck with all your cooking!

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    Over the weekend I cooked up shredded chicken (with salsa) in the slow cooker that has lots of uses — chicken tamale casserole, enchiladas, tacos, etc. I also made some sauces for future pasta dishes and pizzas!

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