72 Reasons Why I’ve Been MIA Lately

Behind the scenes peak. So this is my June 2012 photos folder for the blog in Photoshop.

The only food I’ve taken photos of in all of June were these Chicken Pineapple Kebabs. And I’ll confess that Steve assembled them and cooked them. And I just took the photos.

So why haven’t I been cooking?

There’s really only one reason that a food blogger (who really really really really really loves to share fun food ideas and recipes with everyone, as I do!) doesn’t blog about food.

  • She’s tired.
  • Her taste buds aren’t working right.
  • She finds herself in bed for upwards of 12 hours a day.
  • Her stomach isn’t functioning normally.
  • She can’t bring herself to even look at Pinterest, because there is food everywhere.
  • She can’t eat some days and is ravenous other days.

And all these symptoms point to one thing.

First trimester of pregnancy.


That’s right.

We are expecting #4 in mid-January. That puts me at about 11 weeks pregnant…which hopefully means only 1-2 more weeks of the “blech” feelings…then we’ll be back to normal, back in the kitchen, back to cooking and back to blogging!

In the meantime, I’m counting on my amazing contributors and some guest posts to get us through this phase!

So maybe that wasn’t really 72 reasons that I’ve been MIA…but it feels like I have 72 reasons!

Now for the FAQ that I know you’re thinking about (and I’ve already been asked quite a few times since sharing with family, church family and friends)…

So you have three boys, are you hoping for a girl?

No gonna lie. Yes.

I would LOVE a little estrogen around my house. I would love some girl drama. And I would love for the boys to have a little sister.

But, at the same time…it would certainly be easier to have another boy, as we’ve got all the clothes, toys, decor and rough and tumble kinda household already going on. So adding a little more testosterone wouldn’t be terrible!

In the end, we are thrilled to be expecting “Cuatro” (as we’ve started calling baby until we find out if it’s a boy or girl) and pray for a healthy baby and delivery!

Is this pregnancy similar to past ones, does it feel different?

Yes and no. It’s amazing how you forget what it feels like and how miserable it can be at times, but it’s all come flooding back now that I’m in the middle of it. I have very similar nausea, cravings and aversions…but the fatigue this time around is kicking my tail. The part about upwards of 12 hours in bed…total truth. I’d say that 5 of 7 days each week, I’m flat on my back for at least 12 hours. Usually 10 at night and 2 hours rest or nap in the middle of the day. This has obviously done a number on my productivity, work and blogging…but it will not last much longer and I’m taking care of myself and baby…which is utmost importance! But, I long for the day when the “light switch” will flip and I’ll get that boost of energy and won’t have to take my nausea medicine any longer! Shouldn’t be too much longer…

Are you planning on having more?

No. My husband and I have always wanted 4 children and we are so blessed by the three we have and Cuatro on the way too. We feel this will be it for our family.

Your third book is coming out in September, are you still gonna travel around and do book signings?

You bet! Big travel months for me will be in September and October to promote the book, and I’ll be all over the place. We are just starting to plan the locations and stops (feel free to make requests below!). Seeing as how I traveled with Tyler when he was 2 and 3 months old for my second book, I’m thrilled that I can travel this time around with Cuatro safely tucked inside. Much, much easier this time around!

So have at it…guesses on boy or girl? Name suggestions? Cities for my book tour? Would love to know your thoughts!!!



  1. says

    Congrats! But with 3 big brothers, don’t be so sure if you have a female it will be girly. My 1st child is a son who’s more bookish than rough, so the men in my life have turned my daughter into a hunting, fishing, wrestling tomboy. But her drama free lifestyle sure beats the dramatic brats alot of girls her age have turned into! :)

    • says

      Could me! So my husband grew up with 2 brothers…and when we got married he had a STEEP “learning about girls” curve…he was completely CLUELESS. At least a little sister would help my boys’ lives understand girls better. maybe πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    Awwww…congrats!!! Take all the time you need, I will still be here waiting :) And I hope you have a girl, how’s Savannah for a name. My sister has 5 boys!!! She was always wanting a girl and I guess it just was not in the cards. I think for her it was a God send cause if she ever had a girl she would go broke dressing her to the 9’s in all thee latest fashion trends!

    • says

      LOL, yes to the fashion trends…my mom has already thanked me for not having girls, because she’s spent far less on clothes for the boys than if I’d had girls πŸ˜‰

      I love the name Savannah!

      That’s actually one of the last cities on my “US Travel Bucket Lists” too :)

  3. Sharon Hartwig says

    Congratulations! This is the perfect time to pamper yourself and relax as much as possible. I wish you well!

  4. says

    If you do get your little girl I think you should name her Avany pronounced So like if you put Avenue and Annie together Avannie Congratulations

  5. Heather says

    Congrats!! What exciting news :) Whichever gender Cuatro may end up, as long as he/she’s healthy. We called our little girl Blueberry for the longest time because when I found out I was pregnant that’s how big she was. And now she loves to eat blueberries LOL
    I love your cookbooks, I keep both on my counter within easy reach, so if you decide to come to the Houston/Galveston area that would be awesome!

  6. Jaime says

    Congrats!!! So happy for you! Right now I’m loving the names Grayson and Eleanor (Ellie for short).

  7. Kelly Hess says

    Congratulations! I have 2 boys, 6 and 3, and am expecting #3 in about 3 weeks! We do not know the gender and it is starting to drive me nuts. I feel the same way a girl would be wonderful, but a boy would be so convenient! Plus boys are so cool and my boys are amazing and would love another sweet boy! Our names are Alexander or Madison. We will wait to find out!

  8. Robin in NC says

    Congratulations Erin!!! Sorry you’re feeling so puny though! Hope you get your little girl, but I know you’ll be happy with a healthy baby of either sex! Love $5 Dinners! Thanks!

  9. morgan says

    Wow, Congrats. Please come to San Diego.. I vote for a boy. We have 3 now and and are trying for a 4th. We would not change a thing.

  10. says

    Congratulations! We have 4 boys in our house. While there is a *TINY* part of me that would love a girl, I am realizing I am a good “boy mom” and God knows what he’s doing! :) (And no trying for a 5th, I have a feeling we’d have another boy!)

  11. Diana says

    Congrats! Now I’m jealous! LOL I want a fourth too. :) (Well it would be our 5th as we have a son waiting on us in heaven) We have two girls a boy with us and I’d love another son. Boys are sure rough and tumble but they are so stinkin’ sweet too!

    I can’t wait to see the baby pictures. I like the names Lucas Oliver and Lillian Olivia. If we have another we’d use one of those two. We already have a Hannah Abigail, Kyle Joseph, Susan Elizabeth and Grant Isaiah.

  12. Magen says

    I had the sicky feeling for 4.5 months straight couldnt eat or drink anything after er visits every week we named my daughter Riley Margret. Have you ever though about coming to Waco TX for a tour?

  13. Julie says

    Congratulations! I’m the youngest of 4 with 3 older brothers, and now I’m the mom of 3 girls…go figure :-)! Have you thought about coming to Birmingham, AL?
    Btw, we lived in SA for 6 years and loved it.

  14. says

    Congrats Erin on your pregnancy. Take a rest while you can, the first trimester is almost over and you will be golden. As the mom of 5 kids myself (3 girls and 3 boys) I have been there. I know each pregnancy is different but for me at least I found I had great energy during the second trimester!

    Boy or girl – doesn’t matter as long as Cuatro is healthy!

  15. says

    What a wonderful news!! I haven’t known you for long, but I am really really happy for you. I do hope it’s a girl for you.

    I know exactly what you mean by having a little estrogen around the house. I have two boys, a couple of unsuccessful attempts at a third, and I still want to give a try. But I do think as a family, we don’t have it in us anymore. We do have a female dog now, so it counts just a tiny tiny bit.

  16. Jennifer H says

    Aww, I’m so excited for you! A friend of mine announced #5 today and she has 4 girls so you know she is hoping for a boy. lol I’ll be praying for you and little “Cuatro”!

  17. Melissa says

    Congrats on #4. My husband would like 4 as well. Right now we are expecting #2. I am just starting to meal plan ahead, I’m due the end of Sept. any suggestions on meals? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you with your hopes of a girl. This will be our second girl. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  18. Kimberly says

    Congratulations! I am right there with you on the blah, miserable first trimester hormones. My husband and I were trying for baby # 3 to add to our family. To our surprise we are expecting # 3 and 4! I am hoping I feel better soon because it is all I can do to get myself off the couch to feed the kids and myself. I will be excited to hear if God blesses you with a lovely girl. I am hoping he takes pitty on me since we already have two boys. I would love for twin girls but I would be delighted with one of each. I like everyone else pray that we both have healthy kids regardless of gender. Congratulations!

  19. Kelly says

    I told my doc I was so much more tired during my 2nd pregnancy. She looked at me and matter of factly said, “You weren’t chasing around a toddler the first time you were pregnant”. I hadn’t really thought of that. Anyway, I have 2 gorgeous healthy and happy kids named Jackson and Savannah. I may have to stick with southern cities if I have anymore! Congrats! Love the site!

  20. says

    Congratulations, Erin! This too shall pass!

    Oh, but I hear you! I too am a blogger and had really been hitting my stride when I got pregnant. It’s my second pregnancy and, like you, the fatigue has been kicking my butt. Productivity is way down. I know at the end of it, I will be so glad to have my little baby, but right now it kinda stinks!:-) At least, this time of our lives is a relatively short season that will be gone all too soon. We won’t miss the morning sickness and fatigues, but we will miss the excitement of new life and the wonder of little children. So, onward…to us both!:-)

  21. Lorryn Glenn says

    Have you ever come to the Detroit area? I would love to see you or meet you at that. We have a lot of beautiful areas(not in the city) but around the Detroit area. I work in West Bloomfield and live in Warren. COME PLEAE

  22. says

    I’d love it if you would come down to Los Angeles! I’m engaged now and seriously looking for more recipes to make for my fiance (the way to a man’s heart truly is through his stomach!)

    As for names, I love the name Emma Grace (Emma is an ancestral name for me and Grace is my fiance’s mother’s maiden name). For a boy, I love the name James and the name Ian (if I had been a boy, this is the name my mom would have given me).

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

  23. Allison says

    New to this site. Came across it in a magazine. Was just going through some posts and happened on this one. First, congratulations, hope that you and family get your wish for the girl. We have something in common, but in reverse order. I have 5 kids. The first 4 were all girls. When we found out I was expecting again, we were scared and excited at the same time (times are hard). Anyhow, our little boy came along in June (this year) and we couldn’t be happier. He’s actually the 7th child, since we lost two during my second trimester (girls). Guess it was just time. Congratulations again, and I love your site.

  24. Amy says

    This was the first post I came to as well. Congrats! There’s always hope and its a 50/50 chance as I always said when people would ask me while pregnant. I had three handsome boys, and then I was pregnant again 7 months shortly after the third boy was born, I didn’t believe it until we actually had the baby, but we did get that beautiful princess we wanted!!

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