Welcome Friends from The View!!!

(UPDATE: If you missed it on TV or DVR, you can watch the segment here! Enjoy!)

First and foremost, welcome! Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I had a wonderful time in NYC earlier this week, taping this segment!

I’m honored and humbled that they invited me back and I’m thrilled that so many of you get to learn more about the concept behind $5 Dinners…and that you’ll be spending less money at the grocery store from now on…

Please, pull up a chair while I share with you all the many great features and tools on $5 Dinners.com!  I’m so glad you are here!


This morning, several recipes from my first cookbook were featured on the show.  And yes…they each cost me less than $5! My cookbooks are the best resources for getting all the information about strategic couponing, strategic grocery shopping, strategic meal planning, batch cooking, homemade convenience foods and more. They are comprehensive and will give you the “big picture” that is the $5 Dinners concept…and will help you start spending less of your hard earned money at the grocery store!!!

Weekly and Monthly Features

Here are some fabulous features that will help you get the hang of meal planning, couponing, cooking and shopping! A few things that you can expect to see each week on this website…

As you can see, there is a lot going on here…I hope you can take advantage of all these features and hope they help you spend less and less of your hard earned dollars!

FREE Email Newsletter Options

Because each of you has unique needs and desires when it comes to what you want to know and in what areas you need information to help you spend less, there are a number of different newsletters set up on $5 Dinners so you can get what you need…and not what you don’t!  Some of the newsletters are sent out once a week, others once a day…and the coupons newsletter is sent out “express” delivery so you’ll never miss out on coupon savings!

The rundown of the free email newsletter options…

  • Daily $5 Dinners Email Newsletter – Receive all the recipes, meal plans, money saving tips, and coupons in your inbox every evening!
  • Express Coupon Alerts – Don’t want to miss out on any hot coupons? Receive express delivery of only the coupons posts, delivered into your inbox just moments after they are posted.
  • Weekly Recipes Email Newsletter – Only interested in the recipes from $5 Dinners?! Sign up to have 1 weekly email delivered to your inbox on Sunday evenings that contains only the recipes from the previous week…and it’s just in time for meal planning for the week!
  • Weekly Gardening Email Newsletter – If you would like to only receive the garden updates, then subscribe just to the garden posts and your inbox will have a little garden surprise once a week on Saturday afternoon.
  • Weekly Savings Email Newsletter – Get all the money saving tips, meal planning strategies, shopping trip updates and other savings related posts delivered once a week to your inbox…every Wednesday afternoon.
  • Weekly Meal Planning Email Newsletter – Sign up for free meals plans delivered right to your inbox every Sunday night…just in time for the new week!
  • Express Food Allergies on a Budget Email Newsletter – Receive all the latest coupons and deals for “allergy free foods,” express delivered to your inbox so you don’t miss out on the savings! If you don’t deal with food allergies, please share this with someone who does!  This email will be delivered after each deal or coupon is posted, likely no more than 2-3 times per week.

If you use an RSS reader, such as Google Reader, you can get free RSS updates there as well. Each of the daily, express and weekly newsletters are completely free. Yes…completely free!!!

And again, welcome!  We are so glad you are here!  We hope that the cookbooks and the website will help you spend less and less each week at the grocery store! Let’s cut that grocery bill in half, shall we?!

Erin and the $5 Dinners Team


  1. Linda says

    Whoopie sure liked most of the food. I bet they were glad to have your delicious food. And they were surprised that you made it under $5. It was good to see you on The View.

  2. Angelina Triplett says

    I DVR’s the segment and watched it later.
    I love your blog and your email newletters. I watched your segmant and even though they were able to fit a lot into your portion, I had hope for more. With the help of this blog and a few others that I have followed, I have saved enough to buy 2 of your paperbacks and one ebook from BN.com. Keep up this wonderful blog!

  3. Sarah says

    Erin, I have been following your blog since you were pregnant with your youngest son and have been a huge fan ever since! This is my “go-to blog” for recipes and meal planning. I LOVE IT! Thank you!

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