Walgreens and CVS Shopping Trips

I did something yesterday that I think I’ve done once since Tyler was born. (He’s almost 11 months old. Can you believe it?!)

I went to CVS, Walgreens AND Kroger to shop.

I was on a roll…and the only thing that kept me going were the great sales!

Here’s what I needed this week anyways…things I’ve started to run low on…and you’ll see why I was excited.

Pantiliners. Laundry soap. Kitchen cleaner.

The rest of the loot above is just because of the great deal.  Here’s how it worked.

First stop. CVS.

Second stop. Coupon printer inside CVS.

What do you know…the coupon printer printed out one of these bad boy coupons…and the candy corn was on sale for $.99 this week. FREE!!!!  Sweet.

(Candy corn just so happens to be my favorite, and the only one I’ll buy, Halloween candy.)

Third stop. Candy corn end cap. $.99 sale price, $.99 coupon. Free.

Fourth stop. Quaker oats aisle. Buy 2, get $2 ECBs. Used $2/1 Facebook coupon. 2 boxes for $1.

Fifth stop. Toothpaste aisle. Buy 1, get $2.99 ECBs. Used $1/1 newspaper coupon. Free plus $1 overage.

Sixth stop. Purex aisle. (But just to check the prices.  There was a BOGO sale for the Purex and I was on the fence whether or not to get it.)

Last stop. Check out.

I got what you see pictured above for $5.20. (Which I put onto 2 different birthday, or Christmas, gift cards that had just a few dollars left each. You know those few “leftover” dollars that are difficult to spend.  I save them and use them for trips like these to the drugstore.  My rule for the drugstore…I have to be able to pay in change…or put it onto a “leftover” gift card.)  Got back $4.99 in ECBs!

Next…on to Walgreens.

Bought 1 Carefree…used $.99 in-store coupon, plus $1 off coupon = FREE pantiliners.

Bought 2 Lysol Kitchen cleaners, on sale BOGO, used $1/2 coupon. $3.48

Total at Walgreens: $3.47 (Which I paid for on my second to last “leftover” gift card.)

Then I debated. And debated. Had several conversations with myself…should I just go back to CVS and use those $4.99 ECBs on the Purex. Or should I wait to roll them and use them next week. After much deliberation with myself, I decided to go back for the Purex.  While there was supposed to be a Purex coupon in this weekend’s paper, it did not show up in my region. :(

Either way, I still got a good deal…I went back to CVS.

Final stop. Detergent aisle. CVS.

Purex. BOGO. $6.19. Used $4.99 ECBs.

Total at CVS: $1.98 (Which I paid for in change.)

Total for the drugstores for the day: $10.65


  1. karen says

    I like the low sugar variety so I am not sure if CVS carries them. might make a quick peek! I do like the extra bucks back…

  2. Karen Hiebert says

    I hit the CVS and decided to try the blueberry ones…yum. it only cost 1 dollar and I got 2 ECB bucks back. I can save them for when I get sparkly water b/c I also have my quarterly spending for 2.50. so sad. :(

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