The Van “Accidentally” Drove Itself to the Garden Center – Garden Update

So I was out running errands earlier this week with just Tyler in tow.  He had slept in that morning and I knew he would take a later afternoon nap.  In an attempt to take advantage of the fact that I could hit the garden center with only 1 child in tow, we went in!

I knew it would be a quick trip and didn’t think that Tyler would even want to get out of the cart. I was wrong.

The concrete fountains and the water fountain by the front checkout were far too enticing.

I did manage to grab a few tomato plants, a few squash plants and herbs for this year’s “lasagna pot.”

All in all, I’m thrilled that the van decided to drive itself there to get the tomato plants we need for this year’s garden!

This is the one planter as of yesterday afternoon…

The cabbage seems to be plotting garden domination this year.

I will be planting some pepper plants and tomato plants in the other planter, as well as in the back plot…hopefully this weekend!

What’s happening in your garden this week?!


  1. says

    My garden is sad and non-existant still. It snowed twice this week and our last frost date is June 6 so we really can’t do much until then. Right now I’m trying to decide it if would just be better to skip it all together and hit up the farmer’s market every week. :)

  2. says

    My husband watched the girls last night while I went to the garden center. I wanted to plant today, but it is raining and the forecast doesn’t look good for tomorrow either. I ‘m looking for a quick window of opportunity, so I can get outside soon.

  3. says

    Love it! My van often drives itself to various garden centers, and I just tag along and pay the bill. :-)

    I’ve been picking lots of lettuce and spinach, and the broccoli is about ready to pick. I can’t wait! I love fresh broccoli.

    My dh tilled the last bed today, and we planted potatoes (volunteers from last year), beans, carrots and pumpkins.

  4. says

    We’re further south than you, so this week, we harvested most of our spring stuff (cabbage, chard, kale, collards, bok choy), and we have tomatoes to plant. Our cucumbers and peppers were started from seed, so they are still small. Our herbs look beautiful.

    My mom grows squash, beans, eggplant, and field peas for us. We just don’t have room (we have 3 square foot gardens, but no sunny spots for any more), so I’m thankful she does that. Anything else, we end up buying. My husband has asked me to buy turnips and okra this year, so that’s my plan.

  5. Robin Wrob says

    My car also took me to a garden store. I picked up a few more tomato plants and some sweet corn. I want to plant a “three sister’s garden” the native American ultimate inter cropping. This type of garden has corn, pole beans use the core for support and winter squash shade the base.

    I made some raised beds this year, the two 4 foot square gardens are planted and hopefully the two 8’x4′ beds will be planted tomorrow, weather permitting. (BTW I love your site and have recommended it to many people)

  6. Michelle says

    My garden is very sad right now. The raccoons keep stealing the tomatoes, one every night, and the strawberries. Nothing has stopped them, and I can’t put up a fence this year. The squash plant has lots of male flowers, but the only female flower has dried up before it bloomed. The baby cucumbers keep drying up too. I’ll have carrots and hopefully potatoes, but it looks like that’s all I’ll be able to harvest this year.

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