Upromise Turns 10! And You Get a Chance to Win!

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Upromise is turning 10 friends!  And to celebrate they what to know what dreams you have for your child!

Here’s how it works…

Visit www.upromisetodream.com and share your dream for your child or children.  Take a few minutes to spell out what you want for your children…and for their future.

Our dreams and goals for our children are fairly general, in that we want them to pursue something they are passionate about, and we want them to be using their gifts to their fullest potential. We hope they pursue higher education to help them along the path towards finding the career or ministry they love and will thrive in.

Now…share what you dream for your child and get your chance to win $1,000 in our weekly drawing. Then, vote for your favorite dreams by selecting “Like.” The entry with the most votes by September 29th wins a grand prize of $10,000!!!!

What a nice chunk of change that would be for a college fund!

Also, I love Upromise and save their e-coupons to my store loyalty cards each month. I also know the products they work with and k (there’s a little blue Upromise sticker on the shelf next to the products that qualify for the Upromise credit to your account.) It’s such a fantastic way to “passively” save up for your child’s future education.

If you are not a Upromise member, I highly encourage you to sign up and start saving for your children’s (and grandchildren’s) future!

Now, get on over there and start sharing! Once you’ve shared it on the Dream Wall, come back here and let us know what you want for your kiddos!

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  1. says

    Yay Upromise!

    I signed my neice up in 2002, and she has $196 in her account right now. Not much…but she still has 8 years til college, and it was money we would have spent anyway (so free to her!). Hopefully it can cover textbooks for a semester or two?

  2. says

    I shared my dream for my children on Upromise! I think the most important dream I have for them is that the find something that they are passionate about and then create a life/make a living doing just that. My hope is that my husband and I are teaching them the skills they will need to find that thing they feel passionately about.

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