The Garden, From Afar

As promised, a few photos of my garden from afar.

I debated using these photos, or going back out to take pictures with my iPhone…but seeing as how it’s dark at the moment…these will have to do.  My “big camera” only has a “macro” lens…which means it’s really only good at taking close up shots.  These far away shots blur things out. Like my adorable little son.

He is “watering” the cucumber. Literally pouring water on the cucumber that is growing on the fence. We had a little lesson in roots, stems and vines following these pictures. Teachable moments abound when there’s a garden around.

(And no…I did not mean for that to rhyme.)

Pictured above is the “back garden” where I have 15 tomato plants and some cucumber vines. It used to be a grapevine, but now is a garden patch. It’s the only spot in our yard that gets “almost full” sun in the later summer months.

The other spot is on our brick patio. So we built two planters for square foot gardening on top of the patio.

Brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage towards the back. And the out of control cilantro that I just need to pull out.

This is taken from the “back” looking towards the back of our house.

And some grass that’s getting a little tall and needs to be pulled.

Peppers, acorn squash to the left. And my snacking mini-tomato (they are smaller than grape and cherry tomatoes) plant to the right. It’s leaning heavily because it’s so top heavy.

This is taken looking West.

And more tall grass.

Chard, herbs in the pots on the side. Peppers in the pot on top of the garden.

So that’s the patch where I had spinach earlier this season. And I meant to replant with bush beans.

Totally forgot. Oops. So I pulled the peppers up there because a squirrel was eating it’s leaves through the fence. So I moved it up and in some so they couldn’t reach.

The fence. It’s for the squirrels. And the groundhog. Also, it does keep out the birds somehow?!

Doesn’t keep out the chipmunks.

But does keep out curious little toddlers who like to pick at green and purple and red things.


If you’d like to learn more about Square Foot Gardening, please check out the Square Foot Gardening books by Mel Bartholemew.

We’d love to know what’s growing (or maybe, not growing) in your garden this week. Feel free to link up your blog post below…or leave an update in the comments!!!


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    I have a few pear tomatoes coming on finally. My peppers still aren’t doing the best. ARG! I am going to feed them again as it’s been a bit since I’ve done that. Will see what happens!

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