Square Foot Gardening – Winterizing Your Garden

It’s that time.  The brisk cold air.  No humidity. Little left on the vines or the veggie plants.

It’s time to winterize the garden.  I wanted to share a few of the basics to help get your garden ready for the winter…and ultimately for planting in the spring!

  1. Pull seeds from herbs, flowers and from inside the last vegetables from your crop. Save them to use for next year’s garden.
  2. Clear out dead plants and add to compost pile.
  3. Turn the dirt, turn in the compost or aged manure into the dirt, and then mulch with straw or dead leaves from the garden.

Everything I’ve learned from gardening has come from the Square Foot Gardening books by Mel Bartholemew, from my friend Lucy, or from you all!

What other ways do your prepare your garden for the winter, and the spring?!


  1. says

    I’ve just recently put my garden to bed for the winter. To keep my raised beds from getting the winter weed, I used our old pool cover. The pool cover started to get holes in it, so I cut it to fit each of our raised beds. I emptied my compost bin in each bed, tilled it briefly, put the pool cover over the soil and “pinned” it down with bricks and stones. Water is still able to filter in and the heat from the sun on the black cover helps break down the compost faster. Next Spring, I will not have to weed to get things started. I fold the pieces and keep them for the next year.

  2. zellion says

    We actually don’t have any trees in our yard that drop leaves. But there is a vacant house across the street (bank owned, for sale the better part of a year now) that has a HUUUUGE maple tree in the front yard. So I went over there with my rake and raked all the leaves in the front yard and took them to mulch my garden beds.

    I figured the bank won’t mind and the neighborhood association would probably appreciate it.

  3. says

    Since we can’t do a compost pile in our neighborhood, we decided to do lasagna gardening in one of our beds (the other has carrots and garlic). So we will just dump items this winter, then layer over with newsprint,etc., followed by a bit of dirt in the spring!

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