Square Foot Garden Update #6

This squash came out of nowhere…I can’t believe how fast they grow!!!  I’ll probably pick it by mid-week next week and have it with dinner!  I noticed on Thursday that ants were swarming around the root.  I sprayed them away with the hose, then sprinkled cornmeal in a line from the root away from the plant.  I read on a message board that the ants would start taking the cornmeal back to the queen…it worked :)

My little green pepper isn’t so little any more, and a few more pepper buds have sprung up on the plant as well.

One of my tomato plants has over 20 tomatoes growing now…with more “flowers” budding every day…which means LOTS more tomotaoes!  I’m already thinking about how I will use my harvest!

I’ve had so much fun watching the “big tomato plants” grow that I thought I’d also get a container tomato plant.  It won’t grow as tall, and will “fall over” the sides of the container as the tomatoes grow.  I’ve had this plant for less than 2 weeks and it’s already sprouted 5 little maters!

2 bunches of cherry tomatoes!  Oh I can’t wait for these guys to turn red and ripen!!!

I also harvested another 2 lbs. of green beans yesterday, that we’ll eat this weekend.  And there are more growing too!  The spinach and lettuce “re-plants” have sprouted and a few more eggplant buds have also sprouted!

How’s your garden coming along?  I love looking at your pictures and learning from you too!


  1. says

    Your garden looks great. I think it’s doing better than our. I’ve harvested 5 cherry tomatoes that were ripe. There are plenty more on the vines, but not quite as heavy as yours. Our other tomatoes are doing pretty well but not as good as yours. I think my cucumber is going to recover but it is slow. It got bitten by a very late frost and I thought it was going to die. And I’m terrible with green peppers. I have one little one that isn’t seeming to gain much size.

    Are you doing the classic Square Ft. Garden with 6 inches of “Mel’s Mix” for soil?

  2. Sheila says

    Better check that squash every day. :) If you wait until mid-week, it will be too big. It is definitely shocking how fast they grow.

  3. says

    I will have to remember to look closely under the squash leaves! I am finding that I am having to be a little more flexible on what I plan for vegetables for dinner. Your Beef, Snap Pea and Broccoli Stir Fry recipe makes a good base recipe for what ever vegetable is harvested that day.

    Thanks for the reminder about using corn meal to eliminate ants. I just discovered an ant hill near my son’s play area and wanted a nontoxic solution. Here is my latest update: http://premeditatedleftovers.blogspot.com/2009/06/determined-to-cheat-wind.html

  4. says

    My garden is doing well, but with all this rain, the weeds are doing well too. I’m on my way out this afternoon to get rid of a few of those pests.

  5. Sam says

    You’d better pick that squash now while it’s still young and tender, by the middle of the week it’ll be a footlong toguh chewy imposter they are amazing! I think picking the fruit is supposed to encourage to produce more fruits too, but I could be wrong…

  6. Stephanie says

    Your garden is making me hungry! We also have a garden growing in the backyard. It’s so much fun to see the kids go back there…pick what they want to eat, wash it and eat it! Their fav is to pick the fresh spinach and eat it right there!

  7. Jerilyn says

    Well, I think I’m going to have to wait until we have a yard to have a good garden. My container garden/flowers are almost completely dead. Between our extreme heat temperatures, the location of our apartment’s porch, and the severe thunderstorms, they are all dying. The peas have been scorched. I have 3 little cherry tomatoes working and that will be a good bite- but not picture worthy, lol.

  8. The crazy suburban mom says

    Wow your garden looks wonderful! I tried for a few years with not so good results…Got one pepper two years in a row… and just a few tomatoes… The only thing I got was herbs. Maybe I should do some research and plan for next year


  9. kimberly says

    your garden looks fabulous! i’ve been following your posts about square foot gardening. seems like a great way to start off. we have our own garden. it looks great but only a few buds here and there on the tomatoes and banana peppers. i’m patiently waiting; i’m sure we will have some tomatoes and peppers soon.

  10. says

    How wonderful that you’re eating the fruits of the garden already – they look great! Our garden is doing well, but nothing’s anywhere near ready to eat yet. Flowers on all the tomato plants and the squash/zuke plants are thriving but no flowers yet. Soon, tho… should be soon! :)

  11. Ace1234 says

    Looking good! Are you going to try a fall planting
    in your garden? I am going to give it a go this year.

    Loving your blog

  12. says

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