Springpad – Online Organization Tool

In this week’s Grocery Budget Makeover post, I mentioned a few online resources that help with recipe organization and meal planning.  I wanted to include Springpad, but it slipped my mind yesterday!  I first heard about Springpad last year at the BlogHer conference, but only recently realized it’s power!

Springpad is a FREE Personal Organizer and Online Notebook that gives you many ways to save and access anything you want to remember. To-Do lists. Recipes. Notes. Grocery Lists. Anything you can think of!

(Perfect for all my fellow “Type-A Techies!!!”)

It automatically organizes and enhances the data you’ve stored with useful links and offers to save you time and money. Here’s a video with a nice overview.

With Springpad, you can:

  • Save recipes from any website with just one click
  • Create shopping lists directly from recipes
  • Save wines & restaurants that you want to remember
  • Access everything from your smart phone

If you’re interested in trying it out and getting all your lists into one place, you can sign up for Springpad and get things organized!


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