Shopping Trip Update – Kroger, Sam’s, Kroger and Walgreens

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

After last month’s pantry challenge, coming off a very bare refrigerator, I knew that I’d spend a little more than normal trying to replenish the fresh foods, milk, etc.

Last week I spent over $100 at Kroger, then went to the Sam’s Club Open house over the weekend and spent $41ish. For this week’s regular Kroger shopping trip I only spent $42.95, as I got enough milk last week for almost 2 weeks and we still have plenty of apples, plums, etc left from last week too.

I also took all the kids into Walgreens yesterday morning. And boy did the gals who work behind the registers get a kick out of them! I wanted to take advantage of the Purex laundry soap deal, and the Ziploc bags deal…spent $5.89 on 2 Purex and 2 Ziplocs…after sale prices and coupons!

This will leave me with a little less than half of my grocery budget for the last 2 1/2 weeks of August!

Kroger – Last Week


  • 2 pkg $4 Ground Beef (85/15)
  • Tide for $3.99 after sale and coupon
  • $2.49 bounce dryer sheets (hiding in there somewhere!)
  • Nearly free pasta


  • Toothpaste – 2 tubes


  • Apples, bananas, plums, kiwi, avocado, organic strawberries…and I’ve got cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden coming out my ears this week too!


  • Brats, ground beef…and that’s it for this trip!

Other Coupons Used

  • $.75/1 Chex cereal coupons
  • Delimeat, catalina, blinkes and store coupons for all that almond milk, EnviroKids Kroger coupon, Crest toothpaste coupons, Oral-B toothbrush coupons

Total spent at Kroger: $106.76

Kroger and Walgreens – This Week


  • 2 $.67 Mom’s Best Organics Plain Multigrain Oatmeal – coupon here (print 2)
  • $2.22 organic strawberries (these were LESS than the regular strawberries…pay close attention!)
  • $2 Whole Grain, HFCS free load bread
  • $3.74 for the Tide (from store mailer coupon)
  • $.99 eggs (I’m eating lots of eggs these days!)
  • 4/$1 corn…not the best price, but it works!


I had a number of free item coupons that came in the mail from Kroger. If you don’t receive your coupons from Kroger, you need to register your store loyalty card on their website and you should start getting coupons. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work!

  • Jimmy Dean sausage
  • Dole salad mix
  • Nature Valley Granola bars
  • Honey Mustard Dip/Dressing


  • Bananas, oranges, pineapple and the others mentioned

    Total spent at Kroger: $42.95


    (pictured above with Kroger stuff)

    2 Purex, on sale for $1.99
    Used $.50 newspaper coupon
    Used $1 manufacturers coupon from Kroger store mailer
    Total: $2.48 for 2

    2 Ziploc quart size bags, on sale 2/$4
    Used $1/2 newspaper coupon

    Total at Walgreens: $5.89 (and I’m all set for laundry soap for the next few months!!!)

    Sam’s Club Open House

    • $13 maple syrup
    • $3 salad mix
    • $9 for all the brats
    • $5 for the pretzels
    • $6.50 for the nectarines
    • $5 for the apple juice

    Rough prices…here’s the total!

    Total spent at Sam’s: 41.65

    Free Cucumbers

    And I picked up a few cucumbers from church on Sunday from our friend’s massive garden. I used some in last night’s Mediterranean Quinoa and will use the rest on salads this week.

    Total for the month: $197.25 (leaving me with just over $100 for the rest of the month!)

    My grocery store’s ad scan and my “Shopping FAQ!”

    Thanks to Andrea at Savings Lifestyle and Marcy at Stretching a Buck for posting the best deals and coupon matchups at my stores each week! Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!



    1. says

      I hit up Sam’s Club this past weekend too. I had to get in on the cheap maple syrup since I was super tempted to spend the same price on 1/4 of the the size last week at my grocery store.

      Btw, here’s a random little frugal tip – when buying fabric softener – all fabric softeners are actually created equal. I learned via a factory tour back in highschool that the sheets with the softeners in them are made at one factory and with the same formula. Then they are sent to other companies factories, scented and cut. So when us consumers pay more for one brand than another, we’re really just paying for the scent and pretty box. :)

    2. says

      I love how you break down everything by store and links to online coupons. I only have a WalMart and a Kroger here in Kentucky, but from the sounds of it, Kroger is great for matching sales and coupons! Thanks for the time you put into this!

    3. vicki says

      Jeff, I am in ky too and very new at all this. I find coupon mom helpful for looking for coupons. For me this all is time consumeing but worth it in the end. Sometimes look up the makers site, and check other bloggers that are big on the coupon thing. $5 dinners has helped me sooooo much with how she does this and links too. My first real attempt at walgreens totaled 69.36 sale prices included and with coupons brought it to$33.99 with $10.00 RR to boot. You can sometimes get something you would not normally buy due to price like the glade double scent warmer plug in @ 6.99 walgreens put the $3 coupon and get $1 RR= $2.99 last 60 days made this a great deal i think. There are good deals on gillettte this week to. I thank you so much Erin for motivateing me to trying this. I am a 50 year old disabled woman n a very fixed income, now i am able to buy a few things i would not otherwise be able to afford. Like th gillette profusion razor that with coupon and rr ended up $1.99 Keep up the great inspireing!!!!!!!!TY TY TY TY

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