Scenes from Memorial Day Weekend

A peek into our weekend.

Grilled food, grilled food and more grilled food. (With the exception of breakfasts, we’ve had something off the grill for every meal thus far!)

Here you are…in no particular order.

(And I’ll let you make up  your own captions. It’ll be more fun that way!)

We certainly didn’t go hungry.

And we certainly didn’t have any fun! 😉

Today we remember our troops…those of today, yesterday, those who fight and live and those who we lost in the fight. Forever grateful we are!!!

And  the rigmarole around here starts again tomorrow!


  1. says

    Hey! I saw your book in the supermarket this morning!! And I was all, “Hey! I know her, I totally read her blog!”

    And everybody around me was all, “Ooooooookay, don’t make eye contact with the crazy lady brandishing the cookbook.”

    (I didn’t buy it, because I already have it. But I did hand it to somebody else who DID make eye contact, and I think she picked it up. “Really, five dollars? Hmmmm…”)

  2. MHoffman says

    Looks yummy and like you had fun. Any chance you’ll be posting the Grilled Chicken Fajita Pasta from last week’s meal planning? thanks!

  3. Andrea says

    I’d love to know which Farmer’s Market you shopped this weekend! It’s always great to hear reviews of the different ones in the area! My guess is the Sugarcreek market in Bellbrook (from the sign) but that sure doesn’t look like PetsMart parking lot, so you’ve got me stumped. ;P The Centerville market opens this Thursday though, I think noon-5 behind City BBQ.

    Also wated to pass along a great u-pick berry farm for you as well as any other locals….the Stokes Berry Farm in Wilmington. We’ve decided it must be a hidden gem. We called and they said they were open, but that the berries weren’t in abundance yet (but would be for thenext three weeks). We went anyway, and they were AWESOME once you started digging. $1.95/lb so a little more expensive, but well worth it. We were one of three others families picking that day. They also have blueberries and several types of raspberries as well that we hope to pick soon.

    • says


      Thanks for the tips Andrea! We went to Stokes last year, towards the end of the season. I’d love to go again, but we’ll see if the cookbook writing schedule allows it!

      And yes, that was the Bellbrook market. There wasn’t a whole lot available in terms of produce yet…mostly soaps, some plants, and other goodies. And I’m hoping to start stopping by the Thursday market once or twice a month. So great to have local produce available again!!

  4. says

    Looks like you had a fun time with family and food. Your boys are adorable.
    I cooked hamburgers on the stove but it was still yummy! Also planted some of my square foot garden this afternoon, since the weather was nice. I hesitate to put out any seeds til this next weekend since there’s a rain storm coming. I can’t believe this wet,chilly weather we are having. But the temp is warming up which is good, in the 60s today and actually saw blue sky!! Have a good day and thanks for sharing family photos once in awhile. Little guy is growing up!

  5. Kara says


    Ok, so your kids are just precious! You captured some great memories in your pictures. That Tyler is one adorable boy—those eyelashes!!!!!


  6. schroeder says

    How does one son have straight hair and the other have curly hair? Wonder what son #3 is going to have !!!

    You have a lovely family.


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