Repurposing Thanksgiving 2010

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I don’t like the word “leftovers.”

“Hey, let’s have a leftover turkey sandwich for lunch.” Blah…more turkey, is what you’re thinking, right.

That’s why I like repurpose.

Because when you repurpose and have Turkey Enchiladas or Turkey and Tortellini Soup, it’s like Thanksgiving happened two weeks ago and you’re not actually having “leftovers.”  Some ideas for you…

This year, I think I’ll be trying Alea’s Curried Turkey Salad!

Nom. Nom.

What about you?!?  Tell us your favorite way to repurpose what’s left after the feast!


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    I will spend a little time on the weekend after Thanksgiving repurposing leftovers and freezing some for ready made meals for the busy nights that will pop up through out the next month.

    My kid’s favorite turkey casserole is Turkey Vegetable Rice Bake:

    Our favorite turkey soup is Tuscan Turkey Soup:

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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