Protect Plant Markers

Absolutely, positively genius way to mark your seeds, or plants in your garden. Just rinse and use glass jars from spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce or other glass jars.

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  1. JD says

    I tried this once a few years ago It looked great but did not fair well after an overly windy day, picking out the bits of shattered glass was not that fun . Ive stuck with putting my markers on sticks with a clear plastic baggie and a decorative ribbon since then it does the job. but if i were to go back and try again id leave the lids attached to the jars , just puncture a hole through it the same size/shape of your stake to give it some stability.

  2. Laura says

    I have had a lot of luck repurposing old blinds and the insides of soda cans for plant markers. For the former you cut and use a sharpie, the latter you “write” backwards on the printed side of the can.

  3. Rebecca L. says

    I don’t think this would withstand our spring storms in these parts but I like the baggie and ribbon idea!! That would probably work better. We get some wild weather sometimes.

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