Pantry Challenge Week!!!!! What We’re Eating & How Much I’m Hoping to Spend This Week!


I was goofing off in the kitchen yesterday (yes on Mother’s Day!) and I was poking around in the cabinets and freezer and decided that this week would be perfect for a pantry challenge week. It will give me the opportunity to be creative, to keep out of the drive thru lane (it’s one of those extra busy, end-of-school year weeknight activities kinda week, and the temptation will be all too great!), and to really clean out the fridge and cabinets before my next run to Costco.

(Side note: part of this upcoming Costco trip will involve price hunting, recipe list making & will hopefully come away with the everything I need for the next Costco 20 Meals for $150 plan. Wahoooo!! Get excited y’all!)

I’m going to have to get creative and not all of the meals will be ‘normal’…but what-ev…we’re being resourceful and wise, right?! Here’s what we’re planning on having…

Fajitas with corn

  • Meat, tortillas, frozen corn, homemade taco seasoning – all in the freezer
  • Onion in pantry
  • Need to buy: peppers

Grilled Sausage & mashed potatoes

  • Chicken-apple sausage in freezer
  • Green beans in freezer

Slow Cooker Cranberry Roast

  • Roast is in the freezer with cranberry marinade
  • Sweet potatoes in pantry, will steam-bake them

Mango Meatballs with Rice and Green Beans

  • Mango meatballs & green beans in freezer
  • Will make a sweet n sour sauce from fridge or pantry ingredients
  • Rice in the pantry

Chili & Cornbread

Homemade Pizza

  • Box GF pizza crust mix
  • Spaghetti sauce in fridge
  • Shredded Cheese in freezer
  • Need to Buy: Pepperoni, Baby Carrots

For Breakfasts & Lunches, we’ll have…

  • Sandwiches – bread in the freezer, PB/J & tuna in pantry
  • Soup in pantry
  • Muffins for lunch boxes plus fruit (need to buy!) & summer sausage in pantry
  • Cereal
  • Eggs & bacon, in freezer
  • Pancakes, mix in pantry

Shopping List

And here’s what I’m hoping to get for less than $40. (Will price compare with the Favado app, of course! Download now, if you don’t have it…you don’t know what you’re missing out on!)

  • Peppers, green, red or orange (whatever’s cheapest!)
  • Pepperoni
  • Tortilla chips
  • Box cinnamon chex
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit, fruit, fruit
  • Baby carrots
  • Salad mix
  • Eggs

When was the last time you did a pantry challenge?! Take a look, as you might be surprised at how many fun meals you can piece together with ingredients you have on hand!


  1. Anastasia Beeler says

    I’m up for the challenge! We just got a whole bunch of frozen meat and veggies from my father in law, as he got rid of his extra freezer because he is moving. We didn’t get the freezer because we already have one, but we got two full coolers of frozen food.

    My plans include(FIL is Father in Law):

    Shrimp Scampi (FIL), Brussel Sprouts (FIL) and crusty French Bread (FIL) (Hubby made this tonight)
    Barbeque Pork Ribs (FIL) and salad (Fridge)
    Grilled Chicken Sausages (FIL),Steamed California mixed veggies (FIL), and Whole Wheat Rice (Pantry)
    Baked Tilapia (FIL and in Freezer) with Lemon Pepper and Dill (both in pantry), salad (Fridge), and crusty French Bread (FIL)
    Grilled Ribeye Steak (FIL), Mashed Potatoes (Pantry), and Steamed Baby Carrots (Fridge)

    I am so excited! The only way we had to do it is because we already have an almost overstocked freezer as it is, so I am up for another Pantry challenge next week, too! :) Other than staples like milk and fresh veggies, I doubt I’ll be buying much of anything for a long time!

    Note: Summer is my husband’s slow season at work, so I always stock up in the Spring and cook from the pantry/freezer for a few months. We just got lucky because now we have lots of extras I wasn’t planning on having. YAY!

  2. says

    After spending $800 on groceries for a family of four last month, I’m up for the challenge!
    Post is chockfull of great ideas!!!

    And this will help clean out the deep freeze and not let food go wasted. Time to get cracking’

  3. says

    We must be thinking along the same lines! I’ve been trying for the last month to use up everything in both my freezers to make room for the summer produce. It’s been slow going, because they were packed, but I’m finally beginning to get there. I love planning a menu around a challenge like this; somehow the added challenge makes it more fun for me.


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