Overwhelmed with Gratitude!

I wanted to THANK each of you who linked up and left comments (over 200!), to help raise funds that will be donated to relief efforts. I’m honored to be able to participate with some many fabulous bloggers to raise money as part of the Help for Haiti campaign.

Steve and I plan to give $500 now to Kids Alive International, an orphanage and  ministry we have supported for many years.

We are thrilled that our church will be sending teams down over the next several years to work with local missionaries and to help with reconstruction efforts. We also plan to set aside another $575 for his (our???) trip down to help with the rebuilding later this year or next year.  Based on what we know and what we saw in terms of construction in the Dominican Republic, we believe the need for construction teams will be ongoing for at least the next decade, if not longer!

Also, I went on a little rampage yesterday.  I went through all of the boys’ closets, pulling out light, summer clothes and shoes to be sent down to the kids who need it.  We’ll send it with one of the teams from our church.  If you can’t donate monetarily right now, please look around your home and see what you could part with.

What sticks out most in my memory of the poor Dominicans and Haitians that we worked with and lived near, shoes and clothes were scarce…especially for children, even babies.  Every article of clothing or pair of shoes helps!

It’s so encouraging to see so many come together and help those with greater needs than our own!

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How beautiful! And what a great idea when you are unable to donate monetarily, we all have kids clothes that our little ones have outgrown that we can send. How awesome!

We all have much to be grateful for!

Can you please post some information regarding how to send clothes as I don’t see that information posted on their website – just to give monetary donations.
Thanks so much and God Bless.