Growing Oranges in Canada

Christine from Canada wants to inspire you…that it’s not impossible to grow oranges and olives in climates that you wouldn’t think they could grow.  She shares what she has growing in her Canadian garden…

I have always tried to keep my grocery bill low and cook from scratch, instead of buying prepackaged items.

I have also been gardening & canning for the last 2 years. My garden is in and growing well already this year. I have even purchased an Orange tree & an Olive tree and I am told that I can get oranges & olives off the tree next year if I follow the gardeners instructions. So this year, I am going to give it my best try.

Thanks to global warming it is not impossible to do. There is a guy on Vancouver Island that grows oranges/lemons & limes – the trees stay outside all year round. I will have to bring my tree inside for the winter, but I have faith that I can do it.

Who knew that I’d be able to grow oranges and olives in Canada!?! Eh?!?


  1. Shawna says

    I am in zone 1b, northern BC, and have had some success with miniature oranges, bringing them in and out every spring and fall. The funny thing was they thought that fall was the time to bloom so they started as soon as I brought them in, making my house smell phenomenal! Sadly we had a very harsh frost in August a couple of years ago and the orange tree never recovered. Next on my list – Key Limes! I’m told they make an awesome houseplant and will produce quite well….I’m always willing to try, it’s a good lesson for the kids if nothing else!

  2. says

    As soon as you can, get some bigger pots for your trees. I have had potted citrus and citrus in the ground. The bigger the roots can get, the bigger your trees will get. Look for some lightweight pots that you can easily move with a dolly when it’s time to take them indoors.

    I have the opposite difficulty; I live in Las Vegas, and the lack of chilling hours is a problem. However, with the right varieties, I am growing apples, and even cherries! (in a small microclimate in my yard).

    Good luck! I love having fresh citrus from my trees!

  3. Eric says

    Hi I live in Drummondville qc , zone 4 I believe , we get -40C weather here in winter , would the tree be able to survive that , i dont think any amount of insulation can keep that tree warm in the climate , I wanted to diversify my fruit trees and would be nice to see oranges but I dont think it would be feasible , bringing the tree in and out with 100 lbs of pot and earth is not possible for me with my back ,

    What are your thoughts ?


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