MyJobChart ~ Kitchen Chores Made Easy

Not sure if your kids are super screen savvy like mine are…but I think this might the answer to the chores battle! (Even the 3 year old can play Subway Surf on my phone…crazy.) Well, I’ve got this set up and have downloaded the app…and will soon (like tomorrow) be implementing the “finish your chores before you play games” plan. We are very well versed in this concept, as the boys can’t play games (Minecraft, anyone!) until they have done their homework and their daily reading. The boys also do a good job with the “after dinner cleanup,” but we need help on the pre-dinner prep and a little more refining of the after dinner cleanup process, as well as bedtime routine cleanup…stinky, boy socks y’all. Ick.

I have no doubt this will help them stay on track. I’ll report back in a few weeks with my findings! ~ get signed up!

Here’s what’s going on the list to start…

  • Set the table
  • Get water to the table
  • Help gather ingredients for dinner & help mom when appropriate
  • Sweep after dinner (we have a crawler in the house, so daily sweeping!)
  • Rinsing dishes & putting them into the dishwasher
  • Plus more about dirty clothes and helping with laundry!

What chores need to go on your list? Has anyone tried an app for managing chores? Would love to hear your experience!!!



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