Mama Francesca – Where The Cheese Is The Star Ingredient

Parmesan Apple Crostadas


If only I had some pie crust in the freezer, I’d have made these adorable and delectable goodies for lunch! You might be surprised by one of the ingredients…

Mama Francesca grated cheese is more than a topper for spaghetti y’all…there’s just so much more you can do with a gourmet, but budget friendly, Parmesan cheese! Their premium grated cheese is comes in 6 different varieties allow the cheesy combinations to be the star ingredients in their meals!

Couple recipes on my ‘MUST TRY’ list…Parmesan Apple Crostadas, Sizzling Italian Potatoes & Cheesy Potato Crusted Chicken Strips….go figure out which recipes will make your ‘must try’ list!

(Quick note: This is a brand new product, so keep your eyes peeled in Walmart stores nationwide!)

Mama Francesca Premium Grated Cheese

I adore the Italian names of their six cheese varieties…makes me feel like I’m sitting in a small Italian cafe, out on the cobblestone patio, in a wrought iron chair with a tiny wrought iron table, enjoying a bowl of baked pasta, topped with one of these cheesy combinations:

  • Pungente (Parmesan & Garlic)
  • Aromatico (Parmesan, Basil & Oregano)
  • Fiero (Parmesan & Red Pepper)
  • Terzetto (Parmesan, Asiago & Romano)
  • Audace (Parmesan & Romano)
  • Perfetto (Classic Parmesan)

Seriously, I dare you to go over to their website. And not drool. Seriously, stunning recipes using this stunning new product. Go take a peek and decide what you’re adding to your menu soon!

Mama Francesca Premium Grated Cheese

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored campaign on behalf of Mama Francesca and their premium grated cheese products. Opinions are my own, as is the drool that may have occurred just looking at their recipes!

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