Kroger Shopping Trip – October 26

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom



Nest. Prepare the Nest.


I’m feeling it…strong! The urge to “stock” up. Not that I don’t have a well built stockpile already. But I want to make it bigger, so that it will last longer! With just a few trips to the grocery store left before baby arrives, the nesting urge is getting stronger and STRONGER.

But I committed myself to stay under the $60/week budget this month. I spent $20.43, $68.19, $67.58 thus far this month. Plus a stop at the farmer’s market over the weekend for a 5 lb. jar of honey for $20.

Leaves me with $64 for this week!

Oh, and please ignore the Mint Milanos!  The “nearing the end of pregnancy chocolate/cookie cravings” are a bit of out control!  Plus they were only $1, as opposed to $3.49!  {munch, munch}


$.29 cans of diced tomatoes – after sale, store promotion and coupon!!!  I have been waiting for this price! I got 15 cans!

This week’s Kroger 10 Item Mega Sale had LOTS of coupon matchups!  I was also able to stock up on granola bars ($.99/box after sale/coupons), and 2 more $.19 cans of tomato paste!

Produce – $.99/bunch broccoli, $2.99 pineapple with coupon, bag of lettuce for $.50 using $1 store mailer coupon, 3 lb. bags of apples for $1.28

Meats – 1 pkg ground chuck, on sale for $1.69/lb!

Total spent at Kroger: $61.53 – $1 catalina = $60.53

Total spent at CVS (1 pkg diapers): $9.88 – $3 coupon from Huggies free sample – $.50 ECB – $1.50 Upromise rebate – $.75 Caregiver’s Marketplace Rebate = $4.79!!!

Total for the week: $20 + $4.79 + $60.53

Total for the month: $241.52 

Just $1.52 over my $60/week goal!…not too shabby since that includes some major stocking up and diapers :)

My grocery store’s ad scan!

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  1. Jen says

    When is the best day to shop at Kroger for their specials? I work full time and can’t get to the store first thing in the morning so I went at 5:30 last night to get my Mega 10 items and half of them were totally sold out so I couldn’t complete the rest of it. Not sure when or if they restock every night. Do you have any insight in that?

    • says


      I would go later in the evening…after dinner. My store restocks late at night..after 10pm. But you’d have to ask your store. The Mega Event “should” (according to the tags in my store) run through next week, so you still have time!

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