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Canned Pumpkin: So there hasn’t been any canned pumpkin at my store for a few weeks.  And there’s a sign saying it is on backorder.  I found out there is a shortage of canned pumpkin because of damaged and/or late harvesting of this year’s pumpkin crop.  So when I found what could possibly be THE LAST in Dayton can of pumpkin at Dots, I spent a pretty penny on it.

Just in case!

Total Cereal: On sale for $1.77 and used $1 coupons…$.77 a box!

Kashi Cereal: On sale for $2.49 and used $1.50 off coupons…$.99 a box!

Tylenol: $2.99 and used $2 off coupons from this week’s newspaper…$.99 a box!  (Stocking up for those post-partum aches and pains)

Free: 2 Bob Evans sausages (used Free item coupons),

Produce: Butternut squash for $.49/lb.  Just a little more than $1 for each of the jumbo squash seen above.  Bag of lettuce for $.98. Strawberries for $1.48 each (I made strawberry-honey syrup and canned it yesterday). 2 2 lb. bags of nectarines for $.99 on Manager’s Special…sliced and froze for smoothies!

Meats: $1.79/lb farm fresh chicken breasts (bought 6 lbs…not pictured here), $1.49/lb ground beef

Total spent at Kroger/Dots: $88.67

Also: Bought Huggies and All at Walgreens. Spent $1.14 out of pocket, and will get back $.75 in Caregiver’s Marketplace. Used $2 off Huggies, $2 off All, $2 Register Reward, and $3 Register Reward…plus an old gift card that had about $5 on it!

Total for the week: $89.06 OUCH!

So much for the $60/week budget for September.  It was a challenge, and I fell off the cliff this last week.  I think that squeezing in diapers over the past few weeks made it extra difficult on a $60/week budget.

Perhaps we’ll try $75 a week for October…including diapers and some stocking up, as the farmer’s markets come to a close.

My grocery store’s ad scan

Did you have a particularly AWESOME shopping trip this week???  I’d love to hear about some of the deals you snagged.

(It’ll be awesome to know that others were rockin’ the stores this week…cuz I sure didn’t!)


  1. Amanda says

    Sorry, about that I have a new baby and I’m still not sleeping so when I typed my question for some reason it looked right until I hit submit and reread it!
    My question should have read: are you adding to your weekly budget because you’ll have your new baby?

  2. says

    Erin, Every week I stare in awe at your savings and I have been faithfully coupon clipping and looking at my store sales to match for maximum savings!
    I finally had a good week and racked up $95 in groceries and paid $60 total after all my coupons! My boyfriend was so impressed but I told him he should see your groceries! But for living in NYC i think the savings are pretty impressive!
    My best deal was getting two boxes of Fiber One Muffin Mix ($3.99 per box) for .75 cents each!!

  3. Chelle W. says

    This week I am most proud of the deal I got on Silk Soy Milk for my 16 month old son who, like me, is lactose intolerant. Two weeks ago there were .75 cents off of a 1/2 gallon of Silk coupon in the newspaper inserts(which are rare). So I grabbed up all I could and have held on to them until the Harris Teeter (we don’t have a Kroger) in my neighborhood offered their triple coupon week, which happened to be this week.Regular price $2.99 per 1/2 gallon-$2.25 coupon savings(0.75 tripled)= $0.74 each! WOW!!!

  4. says

    I’m glad that other people go over their budget for grocery shopping as well. Sometimes I feel so guilty, but then I read about other people doing the same, so I don’t feel as bad. :)

  5. Sam says

    I haven’t set a weekly budget for shopping yet, but plan on starting fresh in the month of October. I have three kids under the age of 4 and two of them are still in diapers. I am going to try for no more than $75 a week and hope to include both food and household items in this. This weekend I went to the store to stock up on meats. I spent $30 and split the meat into 13 different meals. That comes to $2.31 each, for the meat portion of our meals. I bought chicken ($.79/lb), ribs ($.99/lb), steak ($1.99/lb), and Pork loin ($1.39/lb). I hope that is a good deal. This “thrifty” shopping is new to me.

  6. says

    My best deal was roast beef that was $1.99 a lb. It was cooked in the crockpot, had one meal for 3 people out of it, have 2 tupperware containers with meat and broth in it. Other 2 containers just have broth in it for soups. That’s a good stretch. Spent about $60 on food this week. Bought hamburger on sale as well, $1.99 a lb. Keeping a smaller amount than always buying big amounts, from Costco. Helps the budget a bit. My daughter works at Safeway so I was able to use her card and between sales, her discount and a few coupons, I saved $18–spending about $24.

  7. Lesley says

    when you mentioned Huggies the first thing i thought of was Target brand diapers. I am not a big fan of generic diapers but these….i swear they are huggies in a Target box. they work great and half the price!

  8. says

    A great way to cut out that extra money spent on diapers is switching to cloth diapers! I’ve just clothes diaper my 4 mo old daughter for a little under $10. I buy everything used or on sale and when it gets to small, I sell if for the same amount I paid for it. I’m only out shipping and paypal fees. We’re now in one size diapers which I already used on my son for a year so they have long paid for themselves. I’ll be able to use these until she potty trains. If she’s like my son, we’ll start that around age 18 months. Saved us a TON on the cost of diapers and not to mention I LOVE them….so cute and easier than remembering to pick them up from the store! I’d totally consider it for your new little one on the way! Oh, and not to mention how much better it is for the environment!

  9. Shay says

    I really like Walgreen’s Premium diapers. To me, Huggies didn’t hug my kids. So, those were not an option for us.

    Some of us can’t stomach using cloth diapers. It’s not that I didn’t think about using them, but it is just easier to throw it away for me.

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