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After putting groceries away this week, it occurred to me that we are pretty well stocked up for food!  So I thought I’d challenge myself to drop our grocery budget this month from $80/week to $60/week.  I’ve been coming in regularly around $60/week, and that includes stockpiling items.  So if I lay off the stockpiling and just get produce and milk/eggs, etc, then perhaps I could just spend $40-$50 at the grocery store and the rest at the farmer’s market (for tomatoes…salsa and spaghetti sauce…and apples for crockpot applesauce!)  So that’s the plan for September…

This week’s trip…


Barilla Pasta – $.50/box I knew this was on sale for $1 a box a few weeks back, but the sale doesn’t expire until 9/13.  There were coupons in a recent newspaper insert, I believe the 8/23 insert.  So match the $1/2 coupons with the $1 sale price and you get 1 lb. boxes of pasta…and WHOLE GRAIN…for just $.50/box!  I bought 8 boxes :)

Bounty Paper Towels – On sale for $1.  Used $.25 coupon in this week’s P&G newspaper insert, doubles…$.50/roll.

Free – 2 Hefty ziploc bags (on sale for $1, used $1 coupon), Yoplait Delights (used free item coupon), Bisquick Shake and Pour (used free item coupon)

Produce – Not the greatest produce sale this week…great price on corn ($.17/ear) and broccoli ($1.48/bunch).  Remember, when produce is on sale by the bunch (and not by the lb.), grab the LARGEST bunch to get the most for your $$$!

Meats – Chicken breast on sale for $1.99/lb and used $1 Tyson coupons, and 2 packages of Private Selection steaks…total of $2.46.  I used a $2 off PS meat coupon from a Kroger mailer.  One of the packages only cost $2.o6, so I only paid $.06 for that package and only $2.40 for the other.  So we’ll be grilling steaks sometime soon!!!

Coupons Used – Lots!


Total spent at Kroger: $59.10

My grocery store’s ad scan!


  1. says

    We did our Kroger shopping last night and this was the first time I realized that they give you $0.03 off for each reusable bag you bring in! We brought in our Sam’s Club bags, they are so big! And they gave us money off just for that. It’s a great way to save alittle. {I’m not sure if you knew about this already} The best deal we found was Activia was $1.88 for a 4 pack and I had $1.00 off coupons from the paper and online. It was so awesome!!! My hubby didn’t realize how much of a thrifty shopper I was until last night. It’s become a challenge now! :-)

  2. says

    Woot, woot :) You saved more than you spent. That’s ALWAYS exciting!! I’m jealous of your Barilla stockpile, though… somehow that week I didn’t get that insert, and all the inserts I’ve gotten from other people have them cut out already :( Might be a good coupon to get from ebay…

  3. Gwenn says

    The age old question: Is it okay to use 2 coupons on 1 product? Sometimes I end up with 2 coupons for the same product but I’m never sure if it’s really ok to buy 1 box of pasta and use 2 50 cent coupons.

  4. Jessica B says

    I’m only in the 30s percent wise in savings, but I just got back from Kroger myself!

    A couple GREAT deals we got:

    Select Kelloggs cereal on sale for 3/$9 and if you buy 3, you get a FREE gallon of milk.
    We got Raisin Bran Crunch, regularly $5.49 for $3 each, plus the free gallon of milk.
    Normal price for all 4: $18.45

    All Pepsi and Coke 12 packs were on sale for 4/$11, but the special deal was that if you got 5, each would be $2.20. Basically, buy 4 at the sale price, get the 5th for free. We paid $11 for 5 12-packs.
    Normal price for all 5: $25.45

    Turkey Hill iced tea half gallons are normally $1.99 each, on sale for $1. I had 2 coupons for $1 off 2 so each ended up being $.50 for a total of $2.
    Normal price for all: $7.96

    Yoplait individual yogurt servings are normally $.60 each. I had 2 coupons for $.40 off 6, which doubled up to $.80 and they were on sale 10/$5. We got 12 for $4.40. This isn’t huge savings, but that’s a lot of individual servings!
    Normal price for all: $7.20

    I got 8 8-oz cheese packs because that was the size that was on sale and I need a LOT of cheese for my recipes this month. I’ll actually probably end up needing more, but I just grabbed that plus my WIC cheese and we’ll see where it’ll go from here. They are normally $2.69 each. I got them for 4/$5. My grand total for these was $10.
    Normal price for all: $21.52

    Pasta was normally $1.59. It was on sale 10/$10 and I had a coupon for $1 off 2. I got them both for a total of $1 ($.50 each!!)
    Normal price for all: $3.18
    **This is the same deal listed above!!**

    Hot Pockets were on sale too, but I don’t remember what my coupon was for. =\ sorry!

    This is my first month of menu planning and REALLY planning the grocery trip. We aren’t as healthy as Erin, but it’s a little tough for my SO. He’s got some really tough food habits that we’re slowly working to break. Example? The pop. 😉

  5. Yet another Laura says


    It depends upon what store one goes to— doesn’t hurt to check! At Kroger, this is not the case, however.

    I am most saddened that my local Food 4 Less (a Kroger affiliate) will not accept Internet coupons, even though the official policy is acceptance as long as it is a manufacturer’s coupon with a scannable code and an expiration date. I take a surprising amount of my grocery business to the local CVS as a result.

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