Kroger Shopping Trip

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom


Please excuse the scowl!


$.39 cans of Red Gold (after catalina coupon) and $.99 shredded cheese (after store coupon)

Produce – $1.67 Strawberries, $1.48 Cantaloupe, $.39/lb bananas (Bought a few extra to freeze for smoothies) and $.99 Romaine lettuce

Meats– package chicken breast and package boneless chicken thighs

Manager’s Specials – $.99 Pita bread, $1.29 yogurt, $1.19 Rice Milk (I normally don’t buy rice milk, but since it was marked down and I was planning on waffles and pancakes in my batch cooking this week, I thought I’d grab a few boxes), and $.69 half gallons of milk (SHOCK! This one shocked me…sell by date is still 7 days away, so I bought some so I could use it to make waffles and pancakes for Steve)

SPLURGE – Bought 2 Buitoni products for $2 each after coupon!

Total spent at Kroger: $54.18…my splurge sent me over budget!

My grocery store’s ad scan

My grocery store’s coupon match-ups

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  1. says

    Those are some great deals! I wish we had more stores like yours near me. I feel like Kroger has great deals all the time. Oh and what a cute helper! :)

  2. says

    You got some great deals and a great variety of foods too!

    we get that boxed milk in commodity foods….my daughter and I will drink it, but the other 2 in the house refuse to even try it because it’s in a box. I’ve used it mostly in cooking and they have no clue.
    Also, we get powdered milk too. Same thing….I keep a little jug of it made up in the fridge at all times to use for cooking. These milks are free and I intend to make use of them!

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