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kids portion size

I will admit, I always give my son more on his plate than I should, mainly because I never know really what amount to give him.  I do not worry about him eating too much since he plays with his food more than he actually eats it, but I am tired of wasting the food.  Luckily, this great article over on Kaboose helps to determine the correct portion size for each child based on age and provides lots of good tips!


  1. tiffany says

    i try and put a little of everything on the plate but too much. they can always get more if they need to. i have a 10,7, and 4 year old and i do this for everyone of them.

  2. says

    I’m one of moms who has the same problem about my kids food portion in each meal a day. I try not to give them any snacks or dessert before their meals. But they still eat less than I think they should. Luckily I found your great article so I can set the correct portion size for each child based on age. Thanks for sharing lots of good tips!

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