So I’m Crawling In a Hole Now…

So my mom is here this week.

She is taking care of the kids all week.

While I play full-time cookbook author.

For each of the first two cookbooks, my mom came for a week to help me take care of the daily needs of the kids, so that I could crawl in a hole and write, write, write.  She is so gracious and generous to go to the grocery store, take the kids to their Art camp, entertain the older ones while I have Tyler’s EI visit, etc….and there’s really nothing I can do to thank her for it!

If you’re in Dayton, you might see me at Panera, at Starbucks, at the library. I bounce around from place to place to keep myself from being bored. I turn on Pandora, stick in my earphones and drift off into a land filled with recipes, prices, frugal facts, chapter outlines…and I write.

And write.

And edit.

And rewrite.

And strike an entire chapter and start over.

…until it’s something that I want you all to not only be able to read through, but be inspired by.

I’m beyond ecstatic for this third cookbook.  While I love the first two dearly, I love this one the most. (That’s not really fair or true…I really love them all equally. Like I love all my kids equally as much.)

It’s just that I {{{big fat puffy heart love}}} the recipes and new cooking methods that will be featured in this One Dish Dinners cookbook.

So with that said, I’ll be in a hole this week.  I might pop out to take a peek at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And maybe my email.

I’m leaving the site this week in the capable hands of my contributor team and a few other friends who have offered their ideas and recipes.

Now to get this manuscript done and the last few recipes tested and tweaked…

…and to be stressed no more…


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    GREAT site! Looking forward to all it’s treasures, and I to have a cookbook in my spirit that needs to be done! But would REALLY love to get my hands on a copy of yours!

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