Homemade Rainbow Poptarts

Homemade poptarts have been on my list of foods to try for about 2 years now. And then I saw these and decided I’d better get on it and get them made.

What I love about these…they are stuffed with REAL FRUIT! Not jam or jelly, but real fruit! These homemade rainbow poptarts do take a little bit of work, but would be perfect for special occasions like birthdays, project for rainbow or God’s promises homeschool unit.

Have you ever made homemade poptarts?! Would love to hear your experiences!


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    I have pie crust that I was trying to use up in my quest to clean out everything in the freezer before starting to get more stuff (sadly triples is going at Harris Teeter so that plan flew out the window). I am still trying to use all of the older stuff first and I couldn’t come up with anything to use the pie crust for. I am going to making it with the yummy blueberries that my mom picked for us!!!! I will have to add this to the weekend list of fun things to do. Thanks for the idea. The jack o lantern ones were super cute too!!!

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