Garden Trick for Green Beans – Snap as You Pick

So the green beans are coming at a “you better pick these daily” rate at this point.  So we’re having them with either lunch or dinner everyday!  I couldn’t be happier…I think green beans are one of the best garden investments in terms of seed cost and green bean yield…you get a TON from a $1.50 packet!

The kids love the green beans too…either one or both of the boys will ask for more…and I will tell him to go out and pick some more and I will cook them!  I truly believe that one of the reasons they love “their” green beans is because they are “their” green beans.  They planted the seeds. They watched them grow. And now they get to eat them up!

So you all might already be doing this, but I just started by accident. I would snap the stem off and pull out the string, almost unconsciously, as I was looking for other beans to pick.  As soon as I noticed myself doing it, I made it a point to always snap the green bean stems off, pull out the string and drop them back into the garden!

Snap as you pick!!!

That’s my green bean trick for today…and remember…it’s all about green beans on Saturday’s Grow. Eat. $ave!


  1. Shauna says

    My green bean rows were neglected too and the weeds are 6 feet tall (not exaggerating), which causes too many allergic reactions for me to go in and get them. Hopefully my husband can get the weeds trimmed back so we can enjoy more of our beans.

  2. says

    I grow tender “filet” style green beans that are stringless (a lot of the modern, tender beans are now-are you sure you need to?), so I’ve never pulled a string out- makes them super easy to prep. But I do use my fingernail to “snap” them off the vine so there’s no end to cut. I also always use a knife to cut them if I do have ends to remove- “snapping” tended to take too much good bean with it and a knife lets me take as little as possible (and I can do a stack at a time instead of just one!). Love green bean season!

  3. Nicole M. says

    We got some green beans this year, the beans and lettuce were about the only things that have come up. Just starting to get some tomatoes. Our garden has been so wet this year, water was standing in pools (does not normally happen at this spot) , and now we haven’t had rain for a while. Most of my plants started to rot or the weeds outgrew them. Hopefully next year will be better! Would love to have enough beans to freeze.

  4. Laura Ballard says

    Hi there. In November’s issue of “First”, page 97, a lady said she got a recipe from you site for “roasted green beans” and said it was really delicious, but I can’t seem to find the recipe – can you help me? Thx.

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