"Manager’s Special" Stickers

“Manager’s Special” – It’s the magic sticker I love to see!

At my Kroger, there is always bread in the bakery marked “Manager’s Special”. In the meat department there is a section (sorta hidden at the end) for meat marked with the bright orange sticker. I have heard that the deli section also has the “quick sale” products, but you’d have to ask. At my Sams, the sticker says “Price reduced for quick sale”. I have wondered about “quick sale” produce…if it exists? I will be investigating!

I also just heard a rumor (meaning I have not confirmed it, but it does come from a VERY reliable source!) that Meijer discounts their deli meats and cheeses at 9 pm (M-F) and 9:30 (on weekends). If you’re a night owl shopper or have experienced this yourself, please let us know what you find!

Because I work on a “monthly menu“, I can get these “quick sale” products, stow them in the freezer, and always have cheaper breads and proteins for my meals…the “Manager’s Specials” are the way to go!

Stop by Customer Service at your grocery store to ask if they have a similar section or specials!


  1. Sherry says

    Great ideas! I pick up marked down items at our grocery store. They mark down the meat when it is just about to expire and I have picked up some good deals there or even at the end of our dairy food section they have markdowns on milk, yogurt, etc. Have a great Frugal Friday!!

  2. twomoms says

    My Smiths (a Kroger store)does a “quick sale” on the produce, usually only the pre packaged stuff, if I go early in the morning I will very likely find sliced mushrooms, veggie/fruit trays, and salads all exp the next day, never have I seen any “fresh” veggies though, good luck!

  3. BarbaraLee says

    We have a thrift store in our town, 3 to be exact. I can pick SaraLee bread up for $.75 a loaf. On Wed there is a 10% discount. They even have a punch card to get more discounts. I don’t think I can make bread cheaper then that.

  4. Anonymous says

    Wow! Great site!
    I LOVE that you are doing $5 meals while still looking at nutrition!
    I will be back! OFTEN!

  5. Jessica Morris says

    This week I got milk at Kroger for about 60% off – they had gallons and gallons of it all expiring tomorrow and we’re trying to sell it off before it was too late. I’m going to check in today to see if it’s any cheaper. I bought a lot to freeze!

    Our Walmart puts their deli items at 50% off after 9pm. The rotisserie chicken is the only thing I ever get there, it works well for casseroles!

  6. amysfinerthings says

    I am all about manager’s specials at my Dillon’s store. My kids are trained to look for the orange and yellow stickers!

  7. $5 Dinner Mom says

    I’m going to have to check around the other departments! Thanks for sharing about all the other savings you are finding at the grocery store!

  8. Audra Krell says

    Little makes me happier at the store than those special stickers! I love to get a good deal, thanks for your tips!
    Also, I had never heard the live version of If you Want me to, I just loved looking around your site listening to it!

  9. Lea says

    huh… all these years of bargain shopping and I never thought to just “ask” when the mark downs were….so simple! Thanks

  10. CC says

    Great idea! I rarely see that at my normal store (Winco), but sometimes if I am at another store I take advantage of it!

  11. Kate says

    Your site is going to be such a wonderful resource.

    I too love manager’s specials from my Kroger. I’ve found a nice manager in the meat dept. who will clue me in on the times when they mark down. That always helps.

    Love your site. Can’t wait to come back.

  12. Anonymous says

    meijer does half price after 9 or 9:30 but not all of them some will take $2 off a lb but not 50%

    i buy alot of it and but it in ziploc freezer bags…it freezes great

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