FREE Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies at Kroger

I was secretly hoping that this deal would be included in the Mega Event Sale going on at Kroger! It’s a moneymaker at Kroger!

The $.30/1 coupon doubles to $.60 and the Ro-tel is priced at $.42, if you buy 10 participating items…making these an $.18 moneymaker per can!

I’m also excited to be getting cans of Hunt’s diced tomatoes for less than $.20! They are also part of the 10 item Mega Event sale!

Perfect time to restock on canned tomatoes!!!

For complete list of the rest of the unadvertised Kroger Mega Event Sale, visit The New Frugal Mom!

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Now, if only the Kroger company would stop being prejudice against Californians. 😉 They only double one coupon of a kind and the “mega” prices are usually higher on the exact same items.

The Rotel coupon was in the Smart Source 01/23 insert (yesterday).

FYI, at my Kroger this morning, there was also a blinkie machine below the Rotel giving out $0.25/1 coupons – check your store as well.

Erin, thanks for the linky. 😉 I linked Melissa @ in my unadvertised Kroger Mega Event items; she found some HOT dealios as well this morning!

Have fun Krogering!

We don’t have a single grocery in town that I’m aware of that doubles count yourselves blessed in the towns that do:)

Lucky you!!! Our Krogers (eastside Columbus, OH) stopped the overages before Thanksgiving, now they only take off for the sale price.

To get more coupons, we buy more Sunday papers, ask friends and family for their unused coupon inserts (this is my big one), and order coupons from an online service that clips coupons and/or ebay. Most Krogers sales go on for two weeks, so you have plenty of time to order and gather coupons before the sale ends.

Krogers does not take free coupons in Columbus, Ohio either. BOGO’s yes. Found out the hard way. Cashier took my free coupons, filled in the prices, and then her register rejected them. Manager would not accept them, and since they were already filled out with prices, no other grocery stores would take them either. Cost me $18 in free product all because of an incompetent cashier. Wrote Kroger corporate to complain, but just got a :its compaby policy: reply.

I totally went to Kroger today and wiped out the Hunts tomatoes. I left a few Rotel for the next customer.
The deals this week are great (though I don’t usually have more than one coupon, so it’s not always as great a deal for me – I need to figure out how to get more coupons).
I don’t know why the Krogers here in town haven’t changed the policy (giving away money). But until they do, I’m going to capitalize on it as best I can!

Our Kroger here in Northwest Ohio started a new policy 2 weeks ago that they are limiting 3 coupons only will be doubled per like items. No Ro-tel with our meg event either-only Hunts.

Here in Ohio we didn’t get the 30 cent Rotel coupon either, we got the 40 cents off 3 Hunts tomatoes…Don’t understand that since I’m only 1/2 hour away from Erin…I would think we would get the same coupons>>>?

Thank you so much for posting this! I’m lazy and do the and they missed this one! We love Rotel, so I’m stocking up!! Oh, also I wanted to pass along, on my sales ad, you have to read the small print beside the can of Hunts, it doesn’t visibly show Rotel, just has it in writing! Hope that helps someone! THanks again!