FREE Gardening Planner Printables

If you’re planning on gardening this summer, you might find these printables helpful!

The Garden Planner 2010

  • Includes column for the seeds you have to plant, the date you wish to plant them, and the anticipated harvest time frame.

The Square Foot Gardening Planner

  • Includes a 4×4 grid to plan your SFG layout.  Enough space to include the plant name, plant date and how many plants per square. Plus a notes area.

The Container Gardening Planner

  • Includes space for large, medium, small and rectangular pots.  Enough space to include plant name, plant date and number of plants per pot.  Plus a notes area.

Garden Harvest 2010 – Keep track of what you harvest from your garden this summer!

  • Includes column for harvest date and what fruits or vegetables you harvested that date

Simply click on the image of the planner that you wish to download and the .pdf will be pop up for you to print!

Thanks to Joy from FiveJs Design for making these planners!!!

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Erin, thank you SO MUCH for these!!! We are starting our planting this weekend, and your forms are going to be incredibly helpful – many thanks and much appreciation to you!

Thanks, Erin. I think these are really nice. I have not tried the square foot gardening although I did buy the book at a used book store and am interested in it. So far, I’ve been more into flowers than food but I do like the taste of home grown fruits and veggies better than store bought.

Those are fantastic! I just had my SFG book out last night, thinking of what we want to plant. Thanks for the planner pages! I’m going to pass this link on from my Eat at Home facebook page.

This is the best. you all have to try this web site called
She interviews the guy from square footage.

I really want to do this but I’m not sure what the HOA will say about a big garden in my front yard. It’s the only sunny place. I’m wondering if anyone has done this but instead of all 4 x 4 break it up over an area so it might not be as noticeable? Besides being in one place and easier to manage, is there any advantage to the plants having them all in the one grid? I’ll definitely share this with my blog readers. Thanks.

If you need to camouflage your garden, try planting vegetables in with your flowers. I grow all kinds of herbs and vegetables right in with my flowers and no one even knows until I point it out. I don’t have to worry about HOAs, but it gives me more growing space without the extra work of putting in a new garden.

While I’m not doing a garden this year, I will be sharing this link!

We’ve discovered we just have no extra room for a garden….though, we will do a couple of potted tomato plants! 🙂

Ooh, I’m going to definitely use that Square Foot Garden planner. I just wish I had kept track of the similar paper I made earlier… now I don’t know exactly what is in each square foot! =P

These are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I heard about you from blog energizer. I’m going to follow you on twitter… :~

Great stuff! I linkied to ya from my blog, and am really glad I found this site (through Blog Energizer) Saving money on dinner? That’s my favorite hobby. 😉

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