Food on the Table – Meal Planning and Shopping with Ease!

Alrighty friends, it’s time I introduce our community and family here on $5 Dinners. It’s time for you to become friends with my new friends over at Food on the Table!

Food on the Table is a mobile app and online service designed to help families eat better and save money at the grocery store. It takes your family’s food preferences and the sales at your local grocery store to create a personalized meal plan and organized grocery list.

Whoa! Right?!

I know…too good to be true!

Here’s what it looks like (if you want to try it out!)…

  • Sign up (using Facebook if you prefer) for free.
  • Select your store from their super cool store map.
  • Choose what kind of meats you like, what kind of meals you prefer (gluten free, kosher, etc.), and what style or ethnicity of foods you like.
  • Then it pulls up the list of ingredients from your store…and it includes a separate list for ingredients that are on sale. (Like!)  Choose the ones you want on to put on your grocery list.
  • Select what recipes you want on your meal plan that week based on the items that you’ve just selected.
  • Then see and review your grocery list and can print it, email it, send it to your iphone.
  • Plus there’s an iPhone app. To make it all the more mobile too!

Take a few minutes. Try it out. Free, up to 3 recipes per week!

***Membership Option – If you are interested in saving even more money and being able to plan your entire weeks worth of meals (as opposed to 3 meals available with the limited but free version), then you have the option to pay $5 per month to have unlimited access to the complete meal planning, grocery list making features.

If you’ve been struggling with what to add to your meal plan based on what’s on sale at your store…then Food on the Table is here to help! Head on over and check it out!


  1. Deborah G says

    It looks like a great service, but I always run into the same issue with programs like this, my area is never part of it.

  2. Jessica says

    I think this is great! I just tried out the free version, and overall its good. My only issue was that it seems like unless the flier specifically says its on sale, the program doesn’t pick it up (like, this week, Albertsons has whole chicken breasts on sale for $.59/lb and Food on the Table kept inserting split chicken breasts for the whole chicken). This really isn’t a big deal, I just know that I will be using a cheaper/different product than what they recommend. Thanks for the great link, I have been struggling with meal planning recently.

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