Five 5-­Minute Breakfast Recipes {Guest Post}

This is a guest post by Amanda Martin from Full Plate Living.

Are you excited for the slower schedules that come with summer days? If you’ve got little ones like Erin and I do, the days still stay pretty full. And my family wakes up starving! So I’ve had to come up with meals that get us to the breakfast table quickly.

These Five 5­-Minute Breakfast Recipes are milk free because our family has dairy allergies just like Erin’s. And, they are appropriately timed as Erin just finished the $5 Dinners’ 31 Days of Gluten Free series.


Each of these recipes are easily adapt to gluten free living.  For example, I specifically buy gluten free polenta/cornmeal, but you can also buy specifically gluten free oatmeal depending on your dietary needs.

Need a gluten­ free bread? Food for Life is my favorite for its sturdiness.

Let’s take a look at the cost analysis for these Five 5­-Minute Breakfast Recipes. (Don’t you just love big business words?)

avocado sandwich fast breakfast recipes


Don’t be limited by my recipe! Raspberries and kale work just as well as mixed berries and spinach. I have to make two batches of these smoothies to fill my family up.

  • Soy or Almond Milk $0.29
  • Banana $0.19
  • Spinach $0.18
  • Frozen Mixed Berries $1.00
  • Flaxseed $0.05
  • Total $1.17 (for 2) or $2.34 (for 4)


Leftover asparagus from dinner is added under the eggs. And I braise the same kind of greens that I buy for the smoothies.

  • Egg $0.54
  • Asparagus $1.00
  • Spinach $1.80
  • Total $3.34 (for 4)


I went through a bag of raspberries a week for my oatmeal alone when I was learning how to like it. Now I love all fruits on oatmeal.

  • Old­ Fashioned Oats $0.07
  • Frozen Fruit $1.00
  • Cinnamon and Nutmeg $0.10
  • Total $1.17 (per microwaved portion)


I love this plain with a sprinkle of salt. That’s my comfort food. But veggies like with the eggs are fun sometimes, too.

  • Stone Ground Cornmeal $0.20
  • Olive Oil $0.15
  • Total $0.35 (per microwaved portion)

Avocado Open­Faced Sandwich

  • Avocado Half $0.40
  • Bread $0.20
  • Lemon Pepper $0.02
  • Total $0.62 (per sandwich)

Sadly, my pear obsession is on hold for the summer. So I’m dishing out mounds of blueberries with our meals. They’re perfect for little fingers to pick up! What fruits do you think sound good with these recipes?

Need more ideas?  Check out our 7th Costco Meal Plan with 85 Freezer Friendly & Make Ahead Breakfasts & Snacks for only $140!

What are some of your favorite 5 minute breakfast recipes?  Share with us in the comments below.

Amanda Martin writes, cooks and eats (especially eats) in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, 4­year ­old daughter, and 1­year­ old son. Her friends tease her because she has to go to the store twice a week to keep the family supplied with bananas.

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