Family Store- Kitchen Inspiration

family store

Do you need a way to motivate your kids to do their chores without using money?  Check out this wonderful idea using a family store with various items found in your kitchen and pantry over on The Idea Room.


  1. vikki says

    I so did this in my classroom. I’d make popcorn and bag up baggies full, buy juice boxes on sail, pick up cheap little toys from party supply and bags of candy. So years I’d have parents that would help out, some years I didn’t. But it was the best reward system I ever found in over 20 years teaching pre-school.
    I printed up “money” and when I witnessed good behavior or they did well on a project or reached a goal they got glass bucks. On Fridays they got to spend them at the store. Worked very well, was good math and problem solving experience and I think it gave them beginnings in how money works and how to use it.

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