Make Ahead Egg Casseroles on – Breakfast Week

As we continue on with Breakfast Week here on $5 Dinners, I wanted to share with you all 2 wonderful egg casserole ideas and recipes that I’ve shared over at

The first is a Slow Cooker Egg Casserole with Sausage and Red Pepper, and the second is a Spiced Make Ahead French Toast Casserole! Both are perfect for a leisurely weekend, or even a weekday morning when you don’t have to be anywhere quickly!


  1. Amy says

    Not having ever done overnight slow cooking (a time saver I don’t know why I’ve never used),do you think you could set this egg casserole on low for 8 hours instead of high for 4? I’m afraid it could get dry if it sits on warm for too long. Love your tips and and saving money. Thank you.

    • LisaE says

      I believe Erin uses French Bread but I have made similiar breakfast bakes using Texas Toast and it always comes out well. I suggest using any thicker, sturdier bread for overnight breakfast bakes or when I am short on time and soak the mixture in egg for only 3-4 hours I have used regular sandwich bread but double the amount.

      Hope this helps.

  2. says

    Preparing egg casseroles, frittatas and the like ahead of time saves time and is a great idea. Really like your recipe for “spiced make ahead French toast casserole.” Seems uncomplicated and delicious, thank you for featuring it.

  3. LisaE says

    I have never thought about a “pumpkin” breakfast bake but this sure sounds like a winner of an idea. My family is more of a sweeter eater when it comes to breakfast bakes rather than savory so this will fit the bill for us.

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