Decorations, Traditions, and Gratitude – Thanksgiving on a Budget

Thanksgiving on a Budget

Today, as part of this week’s Thanksgiving on a Budget series, Monica from The Homespun Heart shares some fantastic ideas on decorating the table, family traditions and instilling a thankful heart this Thanksgiving!


I found a new tradition for our Thanksgiving table…I’ll let you go find out what it is (I left it in the comments.)  I love ths idea…and think that creating a Gratitude Scrapbook of these cards over the years will become my new Thanksgiving project.  Plus an idea some darling, simple place cards.  And most importantly, several thoughtful ideas for encouraging gratitude in your family’s hearts this Thanksgiving!  So head on over to The Homespun Heart for inspiration and encouragement for your Thanksgiving table…and meal!


  1. Kelli says

    Thank you for sharing this, we have the tradition of giving back to the community that maybe some of your other readers can use. My Mom lives in a very small town (pop. 68), on Thanksgiving we rent the community center and not only serve our family but invite the entire community she lives in, in the past we’ve also invited the soldiers from my brothers base who have no where to go for the day or can’t (they are all deployed right now.) Many of the people in this rural area have families far away and would otherwise spend the day alone. If the people are home-bound we deliver the meals to them.

    Nothing makes you feel more grateful for your life than seeing the look of appreciation on someone’s face when you show up with Thanksgiving Dinner!

    • sharynaWolfCat says

      @Kelli, We used to do the same thing when I lived in Downieville CA. It was called The Miss Jody Memorial Dinner or something like that. Thanks for the memories…

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