Budget Birthday Ideas

We’ve got another birthday today!

I posted this 2 months ago…and thought I’d share it again!  Enjoy!

Amy from Amy’s Finer Things shares how to celebrate BIG without spending BIG!

Marcy from Stretching a Buck offers 5 ways to stretch a buck…birthday party style!

Toni from Happy Housewife also created this AMAZING Barbie cake…from scratch! And she’ll show you how in this video!

Heather from Freebies4Mom has a fantistic list of “birthday freebies“…be sure to bookmark her list!

Jenn from Frugal Upstate has some great birthday fun and games ideas as well!

Jessica from Life As Mom regularly features cakes that you won’t want to miss!


This birthday, I’m attempting to make a Super Why! cake and using food that we’ve got on hand for the party!  Keeping it small, simple and “real”!  No pressure to throw a HUGE bash! 

Who likes HUGE party pressure anyways??? 

It’s OK to keep it simple and inexpensive!  The kids are in it for the cake and ice cream.  And the adults won’t remember past next week, anyways.

There you have it.  Simple and real!


  1. OldNuffToKnoBtr says

    Congratulations for keeping it simple and real. I always had the whole family for birthday dinner/parties. Once for each daughter there was an invite friends birthday party in additon to the family party. Birthdays are about family. Now my daughter has a family party for each of her four children.

    What have we done in this country by throwing huge theme parties with gift bags for each little guest? My word the expense and the expectations.

  2. Nancy says

    I’m checking out your great website after seeing it referenced in Mary Hunt’s column today in the St. Paul paper. Great ideas and beautiful photos!

    I also love the idea of simplifying the birthday parties. We’ve done big parties for the kids (four boys) some years, but they like an at-home parties better. We had a pancake breakfast party this year – five 8-year olds plus my 10-year old, with pancakes, sausage and a round of bingo afterward. They had a great time and just enjoyed hanging out together.

    My other really fun at-home party was when one of my boys turned four and was fascinated by garbage trucks. The cake was a 9×13 sheet cake cut into the shape of a truck – – decorated with green frosting and candy. We made “Oscar the Grouch” using film canisters, pompoms and jiggly eyes, played “put the can in truck” (ala pin-the-tail), did a recyle toss (empty pop cans into a folded down paper bag (ala bean bag toss). The boys had a blast and it all just took a bit of time to organize. Party favors – – inexpensive matchbox car garbage trucks.

    One last idea – – my young teen loves having friends over. They think dessert fondue is really fun – – just make/buy the sauce, get out the chafing dish from grandma and everyone brings something to dip. What a bunch of happy faces around the island in the kitchen!

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