Blogging for Fishes Cookbook – $5 for the Fishes & Matching Contribution

Every now and then I hear a story that so moves me that I just have to do something to help.

This is their story. Be prepared to shed a tear.

I’m moved by their journey. I’m moved by their transparency. I’m moved by the depth of their love for their children, especially their 2 daughters with Leaky SCID. I’m moved by the fact that they are SOLD OUT for getting the best care for their girls and for ultimately finding a cure. I’m moved by their strength, their resolve and their courage.

When Ali first asked if I’d like a recipe included in the Blogging for Fishes cookbook, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I’ve shared a recipe for the Blogging for Fishes Cookbook, as have many other food bloggers from around the blogosphere. It’s a privilege to be a part of a community that does whatever it takes to meet the needs of others in the community. It’s a great privilege.

Hundreds of hours poured into this cookbook and this effort to help the Fish family raise money for their expenses. All the profits from this cookbook go directly to the Fish family. To be specific, the Fish family gets $5 for every e-book and “real book” that is sold.

$5 for the Fishes!

Matching Contribution

We have decided to offer a matching contribution of $500 to the Fish family.


All we need is 100 of you lovelies to buy a book (ebook for $5.99 or real book for $14.99) and we can give this family $1,000!

If you do purchase a copy (and thanks in advance!), please email us and let us know so that we can keep count for the matching contribution. Please put “Fish Family” in the subject line!

I have no doubt that the $5 Dinners family can bless this precious family with over $1,000! Who’s with me?!?



  1. do says

    I just bought my copy.
    Your story is very inspiring. However, it would probably be best if you did not have
    any more kids… sad to what your last two had to endure. And your son who had
    to harvest bone marrow.

  2. Lauren says

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story – what a great family. I will pray for them and share this with friends.

  3. L Gatlin says

    Bought a pdf e-book version. Hope those sweet girls and their family get so much love and encouragement from everyone’s efforts to help them. Will say a prayer for them too!

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