85 Freezer Friendly & Make-Ahead Breakfast & Snacks for $140 – Reclaim Your Frantic Weekday Mornings!

Costco Breakfast Collage

It's Time to Take Control of Your Weekday Mornings and Get "One Step Ahead" of Yourself with These Freezer Friendly Make-Ahead Goodies...All Included In This New Meal Plan! This meal plan & recipe set is going to help you reclaim and transform your frantic and hectic mornings. I am thrilled to get to share this with you, and be a part of this transformation process. I know … [Read more...]

Free Kid-Friendly Meal Plan from $5 Meal Plan!

Kid-Friendly Meal Plan

Morning friend! I'm still yawning and trying to get my act together for the day. I'm still recovering from yesterday's adventures with the boys in the field of bluebonnets taking photos, followed by a really late and long T-ball game! (This is my Charlie giving me a 'look' yesterday!) Anyhoo...Wednesdays are usually pretty productive for me...as I have a solid work block … [Read more...]

Sweet ‘n Spicy Cajun Ham & Bean Soup ~ Perfect for Easter Leftovers!

Sweet Spicy Cajun Bean & Ham Soup Recipe

If you're looking for a soup that is rich in flavor, has a bit of a kick (or a lot of a kick if you are BFFs with your Tabasco bottle) and just the right amount of sweetness, I've got you covered. I love stretching leftover Easter ham as far as it will possibly go. And I can't let the ham bone go to waste...and I always end up making a fantastic soup with beans, the ham bone … [Read more...]

Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal ~ Last Recipe in 31 Days of Breakfasts Series!

Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

So we started with a baked oatmeal - Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal - and we're ending with a baked oatmeal. Why? Because it's a quick and easy. And fills up my little dudes! I recently shared on Facebook about how my little dudes were eating more than me and soon I'll be broke. It's a good thing I LOVE to cook and bake and know how to do it on a budget! lol So with these … [Read more...]

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Quesadillas ~ New 31 Days of Breakfasts Recipe!

Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe | 5DollarDinners.com

So I can.not believe that it's the 30th of March and our 31 Days of Breakfast series is about over! I've got another new recipe to share tomorrow...it's yet another baked oatmeal recipe...and one that I could not keep my hands off of! It's 'that' good! I don't normally share new recipes on Tuesdays, but I had to get this one into the series because we love it so much!!! For … [Read more...]

You Decide the Next Meal Plans in the “20 Meals from Costco for $150″ Series!


Hello hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend...we had a blast at my third son's T-ball game on Saturday. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything cuter in the world than a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds trying to hit a ball off a T, and then figure out how to run as fast as they can to 1st base. It's ridiculously adorable and I'm soaking in every moment! So … [Read more...]