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UDPATE: A kind reader pointed out that there is a need for 9 diced tomato cans and that Costco sells an 8-pack. My sincerest apologies in that discrepancy! I videoed &  assembled all of the bags with the intention of ensuring that this wouldn’t happen and somehow between my paper list and the computer list, 1 can was lost in translation! We have updated the printables. If you don’t have another on one hand, you could use half a can into each bag for one of the other recipes that calls for the tomatoes. Thanks for being gracious about this extra can of tomatoes!

Well, it’s BACK TO SCHOOL season and I thought what better way to help you survive and thrive the busyness than with a 20 Meals from Costco for $150 plan that is made up of all “Gluten Free Slow Cooker Freezer Packs” where you can assemble EVERYTHING in less than 2 hours!!!

I actually videoed the entire assembly process for you…

  • To prove that it takes less than 2 hours to prepare 20 meals. The videos are 1 hour and 50 minutes long…and there is several minutes of me mumbling. And maybe doing a happy dance at the end :)
  • So that you can follow along as you assemble your bags! I didn’t want you to feel alone in your slow cooker freezer pack assembly efforts…I’ll be right there with you in the kitchen!
  • Exclusive access to the assembly video instructions is available in package #1, details below.

Before we move on, here is a link to the 20 Meals from Costco for $150 Plan’s FAQ & ‘Disclaimers’ page. If you’re new to these plans, you definitely want to check it out!

I’m often asked about my slow cooker…I use the 6-quart E-lume from Crockpot!

Special note for those of you who are participating in the $5 Meal Plan Free Trial, you’ll be getting an email with a FREE copy of the Recipes & Shopping List Printables. If you would like to purchase the assembly instructions and video access, you’ll get that at a discounted price! More details in your inbox! {Join the Free Trial now!}

OH…and BTW…this plan is also GLUTEN FREE! :)

Let’s get to it, shall we?!?

Slow Cooker Freezer Pack Costco Plan - 20 Meals for $150 in Less Than 2 Hours | 5DollarDinners.com


Recipe List

Each pack in this plan is DOUBLED. So these 10 meals make 20 packs total! Each pack serves a family of 4. Larger families or families with bottomless pits (also known as teenage boys!) can double or use 2 packs for 1 meal!

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Costco Ingredients & Price List


1 6 pack boneless, skinless chicken breasts, about 6 lbs. – $20.99
1 6 pack boneless, skinless chicken thighs, about 6 lbs. – $21.31
1 15 ct chicken apple sausage – $13.99
1 package stew beef, about 4 lbs. – $15.04
1 package pork chops, 8 count – $15.44


1 8 lb. bag white onions – $6.59
1 6 pack peppers, multi color – $6.49
1 5 lb. bag baby carrots – $5.49
1 8 lb. bags sweet potatoes – $5.99
1 15 lb. bag gold potatoes $7.99
1 5.5 lb. tray of apples – $7.59
1 24 oz. box of sliced mushrooms (optional) – $3.69

Freezer/Pantry Staples

1 5 lb. bag frozen corn – $5.99
1 12 pack of chicken broth, 16 oz. each – $9.99
8 pack diced tomatoes, 15 oz cans – $6.29
8 pack black beans, 15 oz cans – $6.79
2 pack BBQ sauce – $5.99

Total – $161.96


BBQ sauce, 1 + ½ bottle – $4 worth
4 cans black beans – $3.39 worth
Frozen corn – $3 worth
6 boxes of broth – $5 worth
about 4-5 lbs. potatoes – $2.67 worth
2 onions – $1.50 worth
= $19.56

Estimated Cost After Leftovers $142.40

(with a few dollars left to get the coconut milk & rosemary from the grocery store!)

You will also need 20 Gallon Size Freezer baggies, or other plastic containers or baggies.

Make it simple…with 1 of these 2 packages!

Let us make the experience of preparing these meals simpler and easier. There are 2 packages to choose from…

Package #1

One of the most challenging parts to pulling together a large number of meals like this at once is knowing what to do first, next, then and last. When you do things ‘out of order,’ it really can mess up the assembly process and cause you to waste a.lot of time in the kitchen.

I’ve created several new printables and instructional videos that will actually make the assembly as smooth and quick as possible for you. Seriously, I might have done a celebratory dance when I finished the assembly…and you will want to as well!

Costco Meal Plan Freezer Packs Printable Pack #1 | 5DollarDinners.com

This package includes…

  • Printable Assembly Instructions – step by step guide to pulling all these meals together and into the freezer
  • Printable Assembly Cards – so you don’t forget any ingredients in each bag
  • Printable Labels – you can print these out onto Avery #6874 label paper and stick them to your plastic baggies or containers.
  • Exclusive Access to the 3 Instructional Assembly Videos
  • Recipe List & Grocery List included as well!

All of these goodies are available to you for just 5 bucks!

(You don’t need to buy package #2 if you buy package #1, as it already includes the recipes and shopping list!)

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Package #2

Just want the recipe list & grocery shopping list?! We have that available as well!

This printable that contains all the recipes with ingredient breakdown, as well as a complete grocery shopping list (with south TX Costco prices). This printable is available for $1.49!

Printable Slow Cooker Freezer Packs from Costco Pack 2

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Original Costco Gluten Free Plan (this is NOT the 20 slow cooker freezer pack plan!)

Get Your Gluten Free Costco Plan!

Costco Regular Plan #1

Add to Cart ~ 20 Meals from Costco for $150 Printables

Costco Regular Plan #2

Add to Cart ~ 20 Meals from Costco for $150 Printables

You can find the Sam’s Club plans and my e-cookbooks on my new store page. Once you’ve chosen all the ones you need, you can checkout! 

Interested in a weekly meal planning service that takes all the headache and stress off your shoulders?! Sign up for a FREE 4-Week Trial at 5DollarMealPlan.com!


31 Days Series – An Update! (You’re gonna wanna read this!)

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on September 1, 2014

31 Days of School Lunchbox Ideas | 5DollarDinners.com

Happy Labor Day Friend! 

Our family had a wonderful weekend in the DFW area, attending my alma mater’s football game, going to our 4th Lego KidsFest and of course, visiting with lots of friends and family!

I don’t have a recipe for you today…because I’ve been on the road all weekend…so I thought I’d give you a bit of a summary and an update!

In May, I started the 31 Days of Series and have been blown away by how popular they are and how well you like them…so I’m going to keep going with them. September has only 30 days, of course, so we’re going to use this month to get ready for the next series in October!

The theme in October will be 31 Days of Freezer Meals…and it might end up being 81 Days of Freezer Meals because I have so many fantastic old and new recipes that I’d like to share that are freezer friendly. We will do our best to keep it to 31 Days…plus I’m going to pull together a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know about freezer cooking!

And YES…for those of you wondering, we will be putting out another 20 Meals from Costco for $150 that goes along with our October theme…it will be part freezer meals, part slow cooker freezer meals…and all new recipes too! Wa-hoo!!!


Here is the list of the 3 series that we’ve done thus far…just click the link to be taken to the main page to find your new favorite recipe :)

Ok, with that…I’m going to go back to un-laboring on this fine Labor Day! Happy un-laboring to you!

(Unless of course you are laboring to have a baby today, in which case, best wishes and congrats on new baby. But you wouldn’t be reading this if you were laboring…but whatever.)

Ignore me.

You have a fabulous Monday!


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