Blissdom ’09

The Ohio Delegation! Left to Right
Cortney – Once A Month Mom, Andrea – Mommy Snacks, Tricia – Once A Month Mom, Carrie – Money Saving Methods, Me, Marcy – StretchingaBuck

Marcy – Stretching a Buck, Erin – Coupon Cravings, Me

Toni – Happy Housewife, Kate – A Simple Walk, and Me at New Orleans Manor Restaurant

Blogging and Tweeting until the Wee hours of the morning.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. Complete with an elevator crisis, an amazing keynote speaker, a fabulous performance from an new artist, and a most importantly, meeting amazing blogging friends, old and new!

My brain is still trying to sort through all that I learned about blogging. More on that soon!


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