Apple Sandwich – Perfect Gluten Free Lunch!

This may just be my favorite idea (for myself)…

Homemade granola with maple syrup, all-natural peanut butter and ditch the chocolate chips and you’ve got a delicious no sugar, no white flour lunch!

Keep it Gluten Free by using GF granola or oats!

And chances are…my oldest would eat this too…especially if I included the chocolate chips on his!

Photo and Recipe for Apple Sandwich from Whole Foods Market!


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    wow! that looks amazing! I just recently found out I have to shift my diet to a gluten free diet and this looks like something I will have to try!

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    I’ve been trying out a new vegetarian diet. I might be able to add this recipe into it.
    I’ve really lost alot of weight since i have layed off the carbs and gone more into eating fruits and vegetables. I really like hummus. It makes me feel full and i really am not craving fatty foods like i was.


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