After School Snacks – September’s Pinterest Board of the Month

By now most kids in America are back in school! Last month we celebrated Lunch Ideas on Pinterest and found thousands of ways to save money, create healthy lunches in new and creative ways and  found new family favorite lunch box ideas. This month we are focusing on those After School Snacks for when the kids come home and are starved. Is it just my house or does this happen in yours, too?

After School Snacks

Stop over and check out our After School Snacks Pinterest Board this month as we graze through Pinterest boards looking for quick and easy, healthy and portable after school snacks for the kiddos (and for the mom,too.)

Follow $5 Dinners on Pinterest, and find fun new recipes to try on the After School Snacks Pinterest Board.

Do you have a favorite after school recipe? Please share your ideas and/or the link in the comments and we’ll get it added to the board!

Happy Pinning and Recipe Hunting!

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