A Trip to New York & Some Exciting News to Share…Soon! ~ Plus The Chase Family Meal Plan

Oven Tacos

Y’all. I’m sorry to tease you with this…but I have exciting news to share with you…soon! It’s taken every ounce of adrenaline induced energy I have to not spill all the deets yet, but I can’t hardly stand to stay quiet anymore…soon…I promise, soon!

It involves a trip to New York City for an amazing opportunity. That will involve you setting your DVRs. It’s all confirmed and I’m waiting for flights to be booked, but when I get the green light, I’ll share it on Facebook and Twitter.

And back on the home front, working hard to use up some beans that we have in the pantry this week and next…so more beans than usual on our menu this week…and likely next week too.

Figured out what meals you want to make…now find the best deals by searching in the Favado app to determine which store has the best price on ingredients (mainly meats and vegetables)? Use the app to get the most bang for your grocery buck! 

Or spin the table and search the Favado app before making your meal plan, then plan your meals based on your family’s favorite ingredients that are on sale! 

Our Family’s Meal Plan


  • Cereal with Mangoes :) (Still have a few left from last week!)
  • Cream of Rice, Scrambled Eggs
  • Sausage & Pancakes this weekend!


  • Soup for Erin with leftover Herbed Goat Cheese Chicken (watch the live cooking video here) ~ I’ll post the recipe on Friday.
  • Muffins, mangoes, applesauce or fruit leather for the kids
  • Tuna sandwiches or PBJ for Steve


Add all these recipes pinned onto Erin’s Chase Family Meal Plans board on Pinterest…pin them to your boards!


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