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Simplified Dinners eBookMost home management books, columns, and blogs exhort us to plan our meals. After all, feeding our families is more critical than cleaning the house. But making those menu plans can be daunting. There are so many recipes available, so many options on the shelves of the grocery store. The process of going from recipes to plan to dinner on the table requires organization and lots of thinking. No wonder people often pay for recipes and shopping lists already compiled.

But you don’t need to subscribe to a monthly service; you just need to simplify the process.

Simplifying results in less time generating grocery lists, less time in the grocery store, and less time in meal preparation.

Simplified Pantry’s Simplified Dinners eBook offers a one-page master pantry list with 120 items, from which you can make any of the 16 meal types presented, each of which has at least 3 variations. Simple preparation instructions for side dish starches (breads, potatoes, etc.), vegetables, and salads are also included. You tailor them to your family’s taste and scale them to your family’s size.

Simplified Dinners makes a transition toward home-prepared, real, whole foods manageable and doable, even for those less confident in the kitchen. There are no packets, boxes, or pre-prepared foods on the master pantry list, but from it you can make a wide variety of meals. It truly is a sufficient list. And it’s basic. You don’t need a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to eat good, natural, normal food. This is real-food cooking for normal people on a budget.

These are not recipes in the traditional sense, but more like guidelines, showing how even basic, weeknight dinner can be a satisfying exercise in creativity. Additionally, the guideline style means the meals are flexible, adaptable both to what you have on hand and to your particular family’s tastes.
Simplified Dinners eBook

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