$5 Dinners Hits “the Wire”

Several weeks ago I had a series of phone interviews with an Associated Press reporter the business of mommy blogging.  Well, 2 articles hit the wire and I just wanted to share them with you!

The first article, “Store, brands tap into the power of frugal bloggers” ran yesterday afternoon at Washington Post.com and Boston.com (Boston Globe)…and have been showing up all over ever since!  Check out the photo of the kids and I (and the little baby bump!) on the Boston Globe article!

The first articles features information about how retail stores are reaching out to niche “frugal bloggers” to reach the ever growing online community.  $5 Dinners was featured, along with ConsumerQueen.com, and several others.

The second article, titled “Where the Frugal Mommy Bloggers Are,” features Mercedes from Common Sense Money, myself, Stephanie, “the” Coupon Mom, Crystal from Money Saving Mom and Heather from Freebies 4 Mom

If you are a new reader, WELCOME!  Head on over here to learn more about what happens around here!  Enjoy!!!


  1. says

    Your blog was mentioned this morning on Mixx 107.7! I’m in Centerville too! I’m going to explore your site, because my husband and I are looking for ways to increase our savings each month. From what I’ve seen on your site, it looks great!

  2. says

    Way to be all famous now! First RR, now this!! :) You go girl!

    As an aside, I have to say how it made me chuckle that the picture makes it look like Ryan is eating his applesauce with a toothbrush! 😉

  3. Sue says

    As I was reading the paper today I noticed a story and there you were. Your kids are adorable.
    I have a printed version of the Boston Globe article if you would like it for a scrapbook or something.
    Just let me know.

    I can’t wait to see the cookbook.

  4. Maya says

    when I signed on to my providers home page (comcast) it had the article as “breaking news” :) I was happy to see you mentioned. I felt proud even though we really haven’t met!

  5. says

    Congratulations Erin! Between the Rachel Ray show and now this recognition, you are definitely making a difference! Great job, and I wish you continued success! You are an inspiration!

  6. says

    Congrats Erin, just stumbled across the article after going to consumerqueen’s blog. This is just phenonomenal type stuff. The exposure that you’re getting is something many people can just dream about. However I believe there may be someone above who’s really looking out for you given your heart to help out others with this blog. Congratulations again. Talk soon.

  7. Kassi says

    I found your website because the Casper Star-Tribune out of Casper, WY picked up the story. I’m a college student trying to live off of intern salary for the summer and your advice is wonderful!

  8. says

    Congratulations! You’re doing great things! I’m proud to be participating in the Bargain Meals. It’s wonderful to see so many “saving moms” getting together to support each other. Thank you for all your great ideas!

  9. Jo says

    I live in Barbados (Caribbean) and I saw the AP article this morning and had to look at your site. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  10. Melissa says

    Hi! I just read the “When Moms Blog, Retailers Listen” AP article in the Buffalo News. I’m from the Buffalo area, and lucky me – hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet! In fact – that’s the plan for this afternoon! I immediately headed for the computer. I love the sight and grabbed 2 recipes for this week. God Bless You for your work and your willingness to share!! You are now my #1 bookmark! THANKS!!!!

  11. says

    hey, congrats on getting picked up! Always good to see quality blogs grow. Hope to enjoy your recipes down here in Australia – keep ’em coming! BTW found you on businesspundit.com if you’re wondering.

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