40 Days…And (Kinda, Sorta, Not Really) Counting…

Yep, we’re under 40 days until Cuatro’s due date.

I’m still trying to figure out what happened to Septemeber, October and now November. And we’re already into the double digits in December.

There are approximately 4,351 things to do between now and New Year’s Day. And operating at about 63% of my normal level, this will prove to be an interesting few weeks!

This week, I’ll be working some on the stock the freezer list (while getting ready for a cookie decorating party, making cookies for cookie exchange, waddling into a few stores for some “shopping of items that I need to ship to family, that I should have done last week” shopping!, among other things). But when I’m home, I’ll be maximizing the time I spend in the kitchen…because after the holiday season, I’ll have 2 weeks left…and will then be operating at about 38% of my norm, SO…we’re gonna have to get some of this “get ready for baby” food made, while in the middle of the busy holiday season!

(One hour at a time. Shall be my mantra.)

But here’s what I’m planning on doing in the kitchen this week. (Most of our meal plan is based on this stock the freezer plan as well!)

The rest of the Stock the Freezer List for Baby, I’ll work on next week and after the new year!

(ahhhh…it’s all happening so fast!)

One hour at a time.

One hour at a time.

One hour at a time.

</end chant>

Happy Monday Y’all!


  1. Jen says

    I’m due 2 days behind you with #3 and I totally know where you are coming from. I really hope I get my freezer stocked and get the rest of the Christmas presents bought and wrapped. Good luck making it through the week.

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