Kroger Shopping Trip 8/20




Old El Paso Tortillas and Refried Beans, $.69 each after sale, store promotion and Shortcuts e-coupon

Rice Quakes $.49 each after sale, store promotion

Cascadian Farms $1.49 box organic granola bars after sale, store promotion and $1 coupon

Nature Valley Granola Clusters $.99 after sale, store promotion and $1 coupon

Skintimate Shave Gel $.49 after sale and $1 coupon from newspaper

Nothing free this week!

Corn ($.19/ear…bought extra to freeze)
Cantaloupe $1.28, blueberries $1.28/pint
2 lb. peaches for $1.48 (I bought 4 bags and sliced up peaches from 3 of the bags and put in the freezer for future Banana Peach Strawberry Smoothies)
Green Beans $.68/lb

Ground Beef $2.14 (manager’s special)
3 lb bag of frozen chicken $4.50
Tyson whole chicken $5.21 (will go into the crockpot to make shredded chicken)
Frozen tilapia fillets $2.99

Coupons Used: $1 off Skintimate, $1.50 off Kroger frozen chicken, $1 off Tyson whole chicken, $1/2 Nature Valley, 2 $1 Cascadian Farm product, $.60/2 Old El Paso Shortcuts e-coupon and $5/$5o purchase!

Manager’s Specials: Ground Beef for $1.19/lb…perfect for the tacos we have planned this week!

Total spent at Kroger: $62.78

Farmer’s Market


I stopped into the nearby farmer’s market.  The squash were $.89/lb…not a bad price for this early in the season.  This price will certainly drop in this area as we move into October and November!  The “Molly Delicious” apples are a variety I have not tried before, but they were part of the 50% off section…so I grabbed enough to make some Crockpot Applesauce.


8 “Molly Delicious” apples, 2 tsp lemon juice, couple dashes of cinnamon and 1/2 cup water (and perhaps a sweetener…will see how it tastes when finished…I have not made this variety into applesauce before.  My favorite apple for applesauce is the Golden Delicious!). 

Set on high and cook for 4 hours in the crockpot.  Once softened and juicy, blend or use hand immersion blender to puree, or mash with potato masher for a chunkier applesauce.  (The boys will eat this UP this afternoon, I have no doubt!)

Total from Thursday farmer’s market (zucchini and dairy-free cinnamon bread): $6

Total from above trip: $6.52

Total for the week: $75.30

My grocery store’s ad scan!


  1. LeeAnne Hudson says

    I love your website!!! I have been very careful, watching my Kroger ad and coupons since I found you!! This week my Kroger did a deal on Saturday only…they doubled any coupon from $.40 to $1.00, so I got a ton of items for free, when I could take $2.00 off!!! It was a mad house and all the TRUE coupon queens were out!! I am hoping and praying that they do again soon!!

  2. says

    Hey Miriam,

    I sliced them up and put them onto a cookie sheet and then froze. Once frozen, then I scooped them into a freezer baggie…easier to grab from the bag when they’re individually frozen first…they don’t clump together :)


  3. says

    I am still in sticker shock up here in Alaska. Once the house is settled I’ll be reviewing your tips on here with renewed vigor! Two new tools in our toolbox here: chest freezer and vacuum sealer…between the commissary, the coupons, and costco I think we will eventually do ok!

    • says

      Sweet Susan! I know you’ll be OK! Just get to it when you can…you’ll love both the chest freezer and vacuum sealer! I’d love to hear sometime what prices are up there…when you have a minute!

  4. says

    Thanks for all of your great tips and ideas!!

    Question for you on freezing up corn. I remember my mom doing that when I was little and it was quite a process. We blanched the corn when it was at its peak (normally we only had a few days it seemed) and then cut it off the cob. From there we bagged it up. The corn was really yummy prepared, but I wonder how I can do it easily? Do I really need to blanch it and does it have to be done at a certain time (at it’s peak?)

  5. Kara says


    I’ve read your blog for several months now and we would definitely be good friends if you lived in Arkansas! In reading your blog, I have realized how many $5 meals I’ve fixed without realizing it! You have such a gift with words, pictures, and cooking skills! Thank you for sharing that with your readers. Can you explain to me how you cook a whole chicken in the crockpot for shredded meat? I saw where you bought one this week for that purpose.

    Thank you!

  6. says

    Butternut squash are super easy to grow. Mine start ripening in July! I get them for several months, and they store well for quite a long time. .89 a pound is the in-season price here. Three years ago I started growing mine, instead (under a peach tree).

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